pavilion what does it means


in architecture, a pavilion from french pavillon, from latin papilio has several meanings. in architectural terminology it refers to a subsidiary building that is either positioned separately or as an attachment to a main building. often its function makes it an object of pleasure.

what is a pavilion?

a pavilion is a flexible architectural open space that invites people to come in and spend time in it. it could be temporary or permanent and might even change its form and function. a pavilion might be used as a: shelter, seating, meeting point, cafe, theatre, or for lectures, events, exhibitions, sports, play, relaxation, work and much much more.

hp pavilion computer

hp pavilion computer hp pavilion is a line of personal computers produced by hewlett-packard and introduced in 1995. the name is applied to both desktops and laptops for the home and home office product range. the pavilion mainly competes against computers such as acer 's aspire, dell 's inspiron and xps,

pavilion meaning in the cambridge english dictionary

pavilion noun c building uk a building near a sports field, especially one where cricket is played, used by the players and sometimes by people watching the game. us one of a group of related buildings: the west pavilion of central general hospital.

what does pavillion mean?

what does pavillion mean? it is the laptop or computer it is the laptop or computer. = hp pavilion s3220n slimline = mfg part no: gn567aaaba upc code:8704

solved: what do the part number suffixes mean?

the performance specification of pavillion 15-p189sa is the same as pavillion 15-p189na. the latter 'na' part is the newer item and has a slightly different cosmetic appearance, it has a texture finish to the cover. i'd say it's likely this would be the same for similar hp laptops from pc world at the moment.

pavilion definition and meaning

definition and meaning:pavilion pa-vil'-yun: a covered place, booth, tent, in which a person may be kept hid or secret cokh, psalms . toggle navigation bible toggle dropdown

what does pavilion. mean?

pavilion. means 1. an exhibit hall at an exposition. 2. any open sided building or tent. 3. a section of a building projecting out from that building.

pavilion origin and meaning of pavilion by online

pavilion n. c. 1200, 'large, stately tent,' from old french paveillon 'large tent; butterfly' 12c. , from latin papilionem nominative papilio 'butterfly, moth,' in medieval latin 'tent' see papillon ; the type of tent so called on resemblance to wings.

what does pavilion mean?

pavilion verb to furnish or cover with, or shelter in, a tent or tents origin: f. pavillon, fr. l. pavilio a butterfly, also, a tent, because spread out like a butterfly's wings.

what does the name pavilion mean?

meaning and origin. arch a single body or mass of building, contained within simple walls and a single roof, whether insulated, as in the park or garden of a larger edifice, or united with other parts, and forming an angle or central feature of a large pile.

pavilion definition and meaning collins english dictionary

definition of 'pavilion'. pavilion. a pavilion is a building on the edge of a sports field where players can change their clothes and wash. the cricket pavilion. a pavilion is a large temporary structure such as a tent, which is used at outdoor public events. heading across the beautiful green lawn towards the international pavilion.


the word pavilion comes from the latin papilionem meaning 'tent' or literally 'butterfly.'. think of the sweeping beautiful wings of a butterfly and how they sort of resemble the folds of a tent. in the eighteenth century, pavilions were popular in europe. wealthy people would build these small temple-like buildings where they could go

pavilion definition of pavilion by merriam-webster

definition of pavilion entry 1 of 2 1 a : a large often sumptuous tent the white pavilions of the turkish irregular cavalry a. h. layard

what does pavilion mean? definition, meaning and audio

pavilion noun sense 1. meaning: large and often sumptuous tent. classified under: nouns denoting man-made objects. synonyms: marquee; pavilion. hypernyms 'pavilion' is a kind of : collapsible shelter; tent a portable shelter usually of canvas stretched over supporting poles and fastened to the ground with ropes and pegs


define pavilion. pavilion synonyms, pavilion pronunciation, pavilion translation, english dictionary definition of pavilion. pavilion brilliant-cut gemstone n. 1. an ornate tent. 2. a. a light, sometimes ornamental roofed structure, used for amusement or shelter, as at parks or