what does an epoxy garage floor cost

2019 epoxy flooring cost garage floor coating and painting

epoxy garage floor installers; epoxy flooring cost. epoxy flooring costs range from $750 to $4,928 with most homeowners spending between $1,320 to $3,080 for both materials and installation. epoxy coating costs range from $3 to $7 per square foot depending on the type of epoxy used and labor costs. water-based epoxy can cost two to three times less than 100% solid epoxy.

how much does epoxy flooring cost?

a professionally installed epoxy floor typically costs $3-$12 a square foot, or $750-$3,000 for a one-car garage about 250 square feet and $1,200-$6,000 for a two-car garage about 400-500 square feet , depending on the type of epoxy used and number of coats applied,

2019 epoxy flooring cost garage floor coating and painting

an epoxy based concrete coating for a 2-car garage floor will cost between $1,320 and $3,080 with most homeowners spending about $1,711 when professionally applied. the price to coat an existing concrete floor is ranges from $3 to $7 per square foot including labor and materials.

understanding the pros and cons of epoxy floors

compared to other types of flooring, the per square foot cost of epoxy floors are tough to beat. since it can be installed directly over concrete and other flooring types, the installation costs are quite a bit lower than the others. pricing remains one of the biggest and the most immediate advantages youll find with epoxy flooring. resistance

garage floor coating costs

garage floor coating cost varies depending on the type of coating, the size of the garage to be painted, the number of coatings needed to be applied and whether youll employ professionals to do the work or rely on a diy kit. these kits can easily be found in your local paint and hardware stores.

garage floor coating costs

with polyaspartic coatings, the estimated cost needed to cover the flooring of a typical 2-car garage would range from $2,000 $2,800 which is twice that of epoxy coatings when used for the same purpose and with the same size of flooring coverage.

the average cost per square foot of a concrete garage floor

total cost per square foot. the total cost for a concrete garage floor, including concrete, labor, supplies and equipment, varies region to region because of geographic variables. the total cost for a 400-square-foot garage floor in san francisco ranges between $3.91 and $4.28 per square foot and between $3.26 and $3.60 per square foot in atlanta.

garage floor epoxy installation cost in 2019

thus, here is the cost of garage floor epoxy for a standard size double garage of 20 by 20 400 square feet : epoxy flooring diy cost coating a two-car garage should require 1 gallon of epoxy coating, plus equipment: $100 plus $300 both realistic figures for the cost of the material and the kit = $400 .

cost of epoxy garage flooring

cost of epoxy garage flooring. the epoxy garage flooring cost estimator will provide you with up to date pricing for your area. simply enter your zip code and the square footage, next click update and you will see a breakdown on what it should cost to have epoxy garage flooring installed in your home.