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tapered polyiso. design guide

drain locations and deck slope verification for ponding water or deflection. developing the design criteria for a roof drainage plan that will perform with the roofing system to drain the roof is critical prior to the bid process and roof system installation. design assistance services are offered as a courtesy to the roofing

roof deck design guide

2 v1.0 roof deck design guide 1.1 introduction general benefits of steel the many benefits of asc steel deck profiles combine to make one of the most versatile and cost efficient building

a design and materials guide for residential flat roofing

explore flat roof designs, maintenance tips and protective material in our design and materials guide. learn which flat roof type is right for your home. explore flat roof designs, maintenance tips and protective material in our design and materials guide. en fr es. if insulation is installed below the flat roof deck this is called a cold roof.

steel deck institute design manuals for floor and roof deck

steel deck institute design manuals for floor and roof deck thomas sputo, ph.d., p.e., s.e.1 introduction the steel deck institute sdi has developed new design manuals to assist in the use of their consensus floor and roof deck standards. the sdi floor deck design manual, 1st edition fddm is based on the requirements of the

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guides to porch and deck design. porch design and construction guidelines-updated may, 2011 . related information. porch and deck supplemental check sheet; porch and deck supplemental check sheets are used by inspectors to evaluate both new and existing porch or deck systems.

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september 2015 the fourth edition of the sdi diaphragm design manual, ddm04, replaces the third edition, ddm03. it includes information for the design of steel deck diaphragms for roof and floor decks and complies with the requirements of the ansi/aisi s310-2013 north american standard for the design of profiled steel diaphragm panels.

design manual and catalog of steel deck products

roof deck general information suggested specifications 1. material and design - steel roof deck shall be united steel deck b, f, n, j, h or ls profiles as manufactured by cmc joist and deck and shall be made from steel conforming to astm designations a1008 ss 40, 50 or 80 for painted deck or a653 grade 40, 50 or 80 for galvanized deck .

vulcraft steel roof deck design guide dovetail roof deck

dovetail steel deck is manufactured to steel deck institute industry standard tolerances as follows: acoustical roof deck both 2' and 3.5' deep dovetail roof decks are available as acoustical decks. acoustical decks can provide sound attenuation within buildings where the decks are exposed to the interior.

9 guidelines for building a rooftop deck

9 guidelines for building a rooftop deck by before you even get started on the actual building of the deck, there are some important guidelines that you should consider for the project. nine of them are listed below. roof deck: should i use pressure-treated lumber for a roof deck?

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after the roof system is selected and the specifics of the system such as deck type, insulation type s and thickness, fastener patterns, and warranty requirements are developed, it is necessary for the roof designer to determine what details are needed and to design the details so that they are suitable for the project conditions.

guide to rooftop gardens garden design

for this roof deck near gramercy park in manhattan, we ran low-voltage lighting lines and drip irrigation lines underneath the deck and up into the planters before all of the screws were completely drilled into the deck planks to help make them invisible. photo by: amber freda home and garden design.

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the following guidelines outline vulcraft's understanding of two possible approaches that may be taken concerning additional roof deck design requirements fm may require: fm wind rating specified only: in this situation, the fm regional engineer specifies that the roof must have a wind rating such as 1-60, 1-75, or 1-90. this may be all that is

10: balcony, deck, roof deck and pergola guidelines

10 balcony, deck, roof deck and pergola uidelines page 84 from the street, care should be taken in the design of the fences to ensure compatibility with the architecture of the facade. in many cases, a roof deck will be hidden part by the parapet on an historic building. if none exists at present, it

dca 6

the prescriptive residential wood deck construction guide is fantastic. if you build decks, inspect decks, are planning to build a deck, or just want some great info on how to properly build a deck, download this free guide from the american wood council. dca6-12 contains new tables and other criteria based on changes to design values

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versa-dek roof deck. versa-dek is a suite of metal deck products that utilizes the inherent strength and aesthetic appeal of the dovetail shape to provide architectural and structural design communities a vast array of composite floor and roof deck options while meeting stringent acoustical and structural requirements.. learn more

tectum i roof deck design guidelines

tectum i roof deck design guidelines design load data system thickness*** wt. psf *** product 24' 30' 36' 38' 40' 42' 44' 48' 50' 52' 54' 60' 66' 72' **all published design loads are based on a minimum safety factor of four. for example, 50 psf design load has an ultimate load of 200 psf. ***thickness and weight are nominal. for loads