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united states - 'fences' along i-80 wy - we just returned from a trip to laramie, wyoming via denver intl. dh and i noticed these oddly placed 'fences' at various places along the interstate.

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in one area, she set up the wooden fences she had designed in previous years. these structures have evenly spaced horizontal boards stretched between two vertical posts. in three other areas, she used a new type of fence, called a snow snake fence.

weathered and loving it: reclaimed wyoming snow fence

weathered and loving it: reclaimed wyoming snow fence. for a 1 x 6 board of reclaimed snow fence that measures 6 to 16 feet, the price is $1.69 per linear foot. the price drops the more linear feet you order. prices vary for other products including flooring and crafter wood.

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i a fence made of steel, concrete or sound wooden posts and three 3 spans of barbed wire not more than fifteen 15 inches or less than ten 10 inches apart, or two 2 spans of barbed wire with a wooden rail on top. wooden posts shall be at least four 4 inches in diameter.

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space. for example, wooden snow-fence structures are commonly constructed of 4-inch boards each separated by a 4-inch space. because open space is equal to closed space, these structures would have a density of 50 percent. windbreaks that are designed . to distribute snow over a large area should be tall and of moderate density 40 to 50 percent . those


ridge top fence company specializes in crafting entryways out of hand-selected logs for ranches. our team designs and builds log entryways, archways, gates, and more. we serve the entire united states, and we can travel to locations within the 48 states, including hawaii, for installations.

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wyoming uses a type of wooden snow fence that looks a little like an oversized shipping pallet tipped on end. positioned upwind from state highways, these braced wood fences keep snowdrifts off the pavement so trucks and cars can keep moving.

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strange fence like structures in wyoming okay, here's a brain teaser. what are all those strange wooden structures along highway 287 between lins and lander, wyoming?

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the summer sun naturally drying and curing the wood that becomes centennial woods' reclaimed wood. hoar frost enveloping barbed wire in wyoming. dramatic sunset behind a wyoming snow fence. wyoming snow fences control drifting snow to keep it off of roadways. wyoming snow fence wood is reclaimed by centennial woods.

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driving through wyoming we noticed these wooden structures in long lines/rows in many of the enclosed fields. they are not fences though they look like parts of a wooden fence or bleacher; most of these properties are surrounded by regular wire fencing. they are made of several sections in a row.

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wooden ranch gates and signs. youve seen those great wooden gates at ranches with poles over the entrance. the don schmalz fence company in cody, wyoming is one of the best at making these and not only have a variety of designs but can pre-assemble and ship them as well. we build them to suit what you want them to look like,

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pros: noise reduction if you opt for a larger fence, like a privacy fence, the fence can act as a dampener for noise pollution, bringing quiet to your yard. curb appeal the right fence can accentuate a home. it is the first thing that someone sees and interacts with when they come to your home.

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but in america, the modern history of the snow fence is particularly tied to wyoming, and to one road, i-80, and to one man: ron tabler. id be surprised if anyone has had a longer list of snow

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note that the drifts don't necessarily form at the snow fence, but rather in the areas where the winds are channeled by the snow fences. sometimes you'll see 'living snow fences' of rows of trees planted to create those wind diversions along the roads instead of those wooden structures.

strange fence like structures in wyoming yahoo answers

strange fence like structures in wyoming. okay, here's a brain teaser. what are all those strange wooden structures along highway 287 between lins and lander, wyoming? they look like big fences except they aren't because they are too short. there appears to be no rhyme or reason to the way they are distributed among the hills.

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driving through wyoming, we keep seeing these fence-like structures along the sides of the freeway. they're not fences, because they don't enclose anything. they are about ten feet tall, and each segment appears to be around 20 feet wide. they have a large 'face' with what looks like 1x6 or 1x8 planks, with 4-6' gaps between each one.