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acrylic roofing documents. waterproofing: epdm roofing. the conservation technology epdm roofing system offers any homeowner, builder, or roofer the means to reliably and permanently waterproof low-slope roofs, rooftop decks, and green roofs. in most cases we custom fabricate a single sheet the size of each roof, eliminating the risks

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what it pros should know about exposure to hazardous materials. 's resource conservation and recovery act (rcra) may be present in the plastic coatings on cables. bromine-based products

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waterproofing - acrylic roofing - conservation technology

waterproofing: acrylic roofing. conservation technology acrylic roof system is designed to permanently waterproof most new or existing roofs with positive drainage, including roofs with low slopes and complicated flashings.

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acrylic roofing: basic procedure. to achieve adequate membrane thickness, it is essential to apply at least one gallon of conservation technology acrylic for every 20 square feet of roof surface. although the following procedure describes a four-coat process, additional coats may be necessary to apply the proper quantity of acrylic

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materials and coverage: conservation technology acrylic roof system consists of three primary components: acrylic coatings, water-base primers, and polyester reinforcing fabrics. acrylic coatings are available in four formulations. acrylic st is our time-tested standard formulation recommended for almost all fabric-reinforced systems.

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acrylic roofing: pipes and drains. acrylic bonds well to most plastic or metal pipes. however, never flash directly to metal chimney or flue pipes: always fasten the appropriate ventilated metal flashing to the roof and and apply acrylic and fabric to the flashing. follow these procedures just before beginning to waterproof the main roof surface.