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turn an old monitor into a wall display with a raspberry pi. cnet.com. the ideal board for the job is the raspberry pi zero w, because it's extremely small and lightweight and it has wi-fi built in. best of all, it's an affordable $10 (from about £9.30 or

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just like drywall, each panel is 4' x 8'. unlike drywall, wahoo wall panels are considered a thermal break. a sheet of 1/2" thick drywall offers a measly 0.45 r-value. by contrast, each 4" thick wahoo wall panel has a total r-value of 13. each panel weighs 95 lbs.

can i use only wood panelling for all walls (no drywall

can i use only wood panelling for all walls (no drywall)? (bc, canada) assuming code allows it, you could put up drywall without mud/taping the seams. if you're paneling over it, you'll get all the benefit of fire and sound dampening with far less time and expense. if cost is an issue and you want to get rid of the paneling, put drywall

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although there are some material alternatives to drywall (such as wall paneling and proprietary systems such as owens corning's) they can be costly. fortunately, there are some effective techniques that can help you use that space sooner rather than later without the expense of drywall or its competitor products.

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the darker colors in wood may also give a more closed-in, cave-like feeling when compared with drywall's light-reflective character. still, drywall and wood paneling sometimes go well together. one collaborative option involves installing drywall covered with wood paneling, thus gaining the advantages of both.

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10 stupid things people do in their data centers. by jack wallen in 10 things , in without it, your data center is nothing. at the same time, electricity is your worst enemy. if you do not

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i put up paneling to cover it, and later heard it was a no no to panel without drywall. why was it ok for me to buy the house with no wall covering in a basement, and an issue to have paneling- i.e. i did not remove any drywall- just added paneling. p.s.