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maintenance demands of wood decking are not required with composite decking. composite decking is made from recycled materials plastic and wood , and most are now encapsulated with an outer layer. this creates a hard, exterior shell that protects from stain, mildew, scratching, insects, uv fading, and more.

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durability: both products score highest among decking products for durability. mold and mildew resistance: capped pvc decking has a slight edge over capped composite for its ability to resist mold and mildew. stain resistance: both products rank highest among decking materials for stain resistance.

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durability of composite decking. and proprietary additives and stabilizers are used make the products stiffer and more resistant to uv radiation, crumbling, and mildew growth. high-quality ingredients and additives add a lot of cost to the formulations, so manufacturers must make choices of cost vs. performance.

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what is the strength of composite decking vs. aluminum decking? in consumer reports tests, all plastic boards were susceptible to sagging. plastic is not a structural material. to be code compliant, plastic and composite decking may require joist centers as close as 12 apart. normal joists are spaced 16 apart.

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learn more about deck maintenance here, and discover some additional benefits of composite decking versus wood to keep in consideration when planning your next deck build. durability traditional wood decks have an average lifespan of 10-15 years with routine annual maintenance depending on the quality of wood used and the effects of different climates.

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made of plastic and wood fibers and coated with a composite cap, this decking is more resistant to the elements than traditional wood, and provides added durability, mold and mildew resistance, and a splinter-free surface.

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green benefits of composite decking. although not technically a composite, perennial wood offers many of the durability benefits of composite decking. its trulast technology uses heat, pressure and an organic compound to expand the woods cell walls and minimize water absorption and make the deck last longer, the company says.

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originally, the very first composite products that were out there had wood fiber in them, as well as the plastics. and the wood fiber would tend to grow sometimes algae and things like that and people didnt like that. i think durability of composite decking is a perception issue.