gazebo how to load world


creating world file for gazebo with xacro. basically you run the xacro node with to 4 arguments. the last two are the paths to your files. first the name of the file you are going to create and where and second the .xacro original file. in my case i added the find pkg option but this is obviously optional.

resize simple objects to specific sizes

i am trying to load simple objects into the empty world of gazebo box, cylinder and sphere. and scale their sizes to specific values say x = 2,y=1,z=3 for a box . the below image can give a better picture. am able to scale using the scale tool available, but am not able to scale it to specific values, that can be reflected by the x,y and z from the properties on the left panel.

loading generated maps into gazebo

i've got some maps that i've generated using the gmapping/slam packages with a turtle bot. however i would prefer to be working within the simulated environment provided by gazebo. is there a way i can get the pgm/yaml files generated by ros packages such as gmapping into gazebo? ideally it would be loaded in as a heightmap, but even if i could just get the image in as a ground plane sort of

load gazebo world into rviz

i just would like to know if it is possible to load a gazebo world or parts of it gazebo models into rviz directly? note that technically this is not an answer as the answer is really 'no' , but gazebo2rviz provides a convenient work-around if it still works .

err plugin.hh:165 failed to load plugin libhello world

hallo everyone, my system is ubuntu 16.04 and use gazebo 7.14. i try to learn how to use the plugin function in gazebo. i completed all the steps written on the

gazebo : tutorial : using roslaunch

there are many ways to start gazebo, open world models and spawn robot models into the simulated environment. in this tutorial we cover the ros-way of doing things: using rosrun and roslaunch. this includes storing your urdf files in ros packages and keeping your various resource paths relative to your ros workspace. using roslaunch to open world models

load another world at runtime

dear gazebo users, is it possible to load and run another world in a worldplugin and/or systemplugin at runtime? the running world should be replaced with a given new one. i don't need multiple worlds running. for my purposes, it's not possible to kill the running gazebo instance and start a new one with a different world. thanks for your help

load custom world in gazebo from a launch file

i've built a custom wold for gazebo dae file and i'm trying to load this file from a launch file. when i run the world file directly from gazebo, it woks and i can see the world gazebo . but when i build a launch file and include the world file inside the launch file, i get the following error:

possible to load physics in .world from a .sdf?

should it be possible to load physics from a .sdf file to a .world file? i've seen examples of light configurations being loaded to a .world from a model sdf folder* but when i tried to replicate this with physics i get the following error: warning xml element physics , child of element sdf not defined in sdf. ignoring physics .

gazebo : tutorial : quick start

run gazebo. these three steps will run gazebo with a default world. install gazebo. open a terminal. on most ubuntu systems you can press ctrl alt t. start gazebo by entering the following at the command prompt. gazebo note: the first time you launch gazebo, it will try to download a couple of models so this process may take some time.

gazebo worlds

gazebo is now a stand alone project at see documentation there, thanks see documentation there, thanks wiki: gazebo worlds last edited 22:30:24 by davetcoleman

loading a urdf file from a world plugin gazebo without

hi, i am using gazebo to perform some robotics simulations. to this purpose i am using a model plugin to control my model and want to use a world plugin to spawn the scenario of the simulation. doing it this will allow me in the future to easily run several different scenario easily. the problem is that my models are .urdf files and it seems that the wolrd class only allows to insert .sdf files.

is it possible to load a world file by chunks

hi, i am currently running a simulation with a huge world several km in gazebo 7 and i want to improve its performance. my question is related to the possibility of loading only one world but defined in several chunks, an approximation similar to most of the videogames published nowadays where the full world is loaded by parts and only one part is in memory if an actor is using it.

gazebo world reset closed

hello, i need to reset the world in gazebo. i know it can be done manually using the gazebo gui and doing ctrl-r but i need to do it programmatically. i have genetic algorithms running in visual studio in windows and i am communicating with ros mater using rosserial windows. now after every generation i need to reset the world since i am evolving controllers for the robot.

gazebo : tutorial : plugins 101

overview of gazebo plugins. a plugin is a chunk of code that is compiled as a shared library and inserted into the simulation. the plugin has direct access to all the functionality of gazebo through the standard c classes.

gazebo : tutorial : world plugins

the first method uses a world method to load a model based on a file in the resource path defined by the gazebo model path environment variable. // option 1: insert model from file via function call. // the filename must be in the gazebo model path environment variable. parent->insertmodelfile 'model://box' ;

load custom world in gazebo from launch file

i've built a custom wold for gazebo dae file and i'm trying to load this file from a launch file. when i run the world file directly from gazebo, it woks and i can see the world gazebo . but when i build a launch file and include the world file inside the launch file, i get the following error:

gazebo : tutorial : building a world

gazebo's model database is a repository of all types of models including robots, tables, and building. select the insert tab in the upper left hand corner to access the model database. the list of models are divided into sections according to their current location. each section is labeled with a path or uri.

wait for model plugin to load in world plugin

hi i am trying to spawn a model from my world plugin, and that model uses its own plugin. it seems to work fine, however, when i wait for the model to subscribe to my topic, it hangs gazebo and the model plugin ends up never being loaded i am trying to use a callback to detect when the model is spawned, but it is called before the plugin actually loads, so it is sort of useless.