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for example, the average price of real wood plantation shutters with the dimensions of 36 inches by 60 inches is $400, according to marketing data gathered across several manufacturers. real wood plantation shutters start at $467 per shutter. some home improvement stores sell wooden plantation shutters with similar dimensions for as low as $236.

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shop interior shutters in the window treatments section of seven find quality interior shutters online or in store. skip to main content skip to main navigation. welcome to seven trust's find a store . allen roth 29-in-31-in w x 24-in l plantation white faux wood interior shutter.

economy faux wood shutters economy faux wood shutters give your home the charm of plantation shutters but with added durability and an exceptional price. these elegant shutters are made of a hollow pvc, which provides high energy efficiency and lower energy costs.

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the plantation shutter also allows homeowners flexibility in controlling the amount of light, air and noise they prefer entering their windows. wood plantation shutters have the classic, natural look of real wood and the quality of handcrafted hardwoods. highlights. wood construction provides increased insulation

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they tend to be somewhat more economical but i say somewhat because a designer brands plantation shutters cost can be just as much as the ones made of real wood. another great benefit of having shutters is that they can serve a bit like barriers to keep thieves away.

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plantation shutters cost factors. the cost of wooden plantation shutters will vary from $55 to $330 for painted wood. stained wood is more expensive starting from $61 to $363. faux materials are on the lower side starting from $45 to $270 for painted shutters and $50 to $297 for stained shutters.

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plantation shutters cost factors. with the rapid change in technology, plantation shutters are not only made of wood but also and vinyl. wooden shutters are made out of hardwood, natural woods and composite woods. they are the most common types of shutters and they are usually made of oak or poplar.

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traditional wood plantation shutters cost around $24 to $30 per square foot, while the unique wood shutters, for instance, timber and bamboo, would range around $30 to $65 per square foot. though various woods are high-priced, most individuals would have the same opinion that its steep price is worth it for it could go for decades with proper upholding.

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in general, the average cost of plantation shutters in the uk is £180 - £300 per square metre. full-service shutter installation will cost £300 per sqm.

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wood shutters will run you $200 to $350 per window, while composite shutters cost $80 to $200. so why would anyone cough up so much cash for plantation shutters anyway? is a window treatment

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choosing which option to go with depends on a few key factors: personal preference, budget and placement. this article will help you to determine how much plantation shutters cost, the benefits of both plantation shutters and blinds, and the appropriate setting or settings for each window treatment.

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plantation shutters will cost on average $200-1,200 per pair installed with materials depending on the materials, size and style. is this a diy project? it sure can if you have some basic tools and some help. however, if you do choose to have a professional installer do the job,

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cost of plantation shutters. plantation shutters cost around $2,615 although that price can vary between $1,288 and $3,966 depending on their size and the material, whether or not they are custom, and who installs them. if you choose to diy and order shutters online, you may need to account for shipping costs.

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plantation shutters are installed as a long-lasting fixture in the home, with a lifespan of up to 20 years. custom interior shutters can complement nearly any décor or style choose from a wide variety of colors and styles including whites, neutrals, and natural wood tones.

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the average cost of installing plantation shutters is $270 per pair for wood shutters, installed yourself. plan to pay around $525 for the same plantation shutters, measured and installed by a professional. the range for all plantation shutters is $70-$575, or $15-$25 per square foot of window.

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wood is the most popular material and can be made of natural wood, hardwood, or composite woods which are a mixture of different timber products. faux-wood gives the appearance of wood but is made out of synthetic material such as vinyl. ex. vinyl plantation shutters prices cost less than for those made of real wood.