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order acrovyn by design wall coverings and panels for your project. see all available wall covering and panel options here including finishes

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impact resistant wall solutions wolf-gordon now offers flexible wall protection engineered to fill the void between standard vinyl wallcovering and rigid sheet goods. rampart impact resistant wall solutions offer a range of designs and colorways for medium- to high-traffic interiors, at significant cost savings compared to high-density wall panels.

high impact hardside acoustical wall panels

high impact hardside panels are a more abuse resistant model of the standard hardside panel. sound absorption coefficients are higher and the impact resistant face is also tackable. for applications where excellent appearance and superior acoustical performance must be teamed with greater durability, the high impact hardside acoustical wall

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acrovyn rigid sheet is the perfect wall covering for interiors subjected to daily abuse. the .040 version of the product is designed for the constant abuse of most environments, while the .060 and .075 versions of the sheet is available for interiors subject to extreme abuse.

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high-impact wall panels are the ideal solution for all areas that require superior durability with quality acoustics. they are designed specifically as an impact resistance absorber panel that offers excellent absorption and high durability. they are ideal for high-traffic areas such as gymnasiums, corridors, schools and medical facilities.

alphasorb high impact acoustic panel acoustical solutions

these panels are used in areas needing durable, abuse resistant sound absorption or a tack-able surface. alphasorb high impact wall panels are constructed using a 6-7 rigid fiberglass acoustical core laminated to 16 -20 pcf high-impact underlayment. this core is then fabric wrapped for a pleasing appearance.

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flexible or rigid wall covering over drywall or plaster existing wall covering must be clean and their installation must be secure before installing acrovyn wall covering. priming is not necessary for these surfaces. acrovyn by design - tinted primers can be used at sheet seam locations to match the graphic colors.

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acrovyn by design bespoke wall coverings enable you to protect your walls and astound your visitors with photo quality images embedded in tough, world renowned acrovyn , an impact resistant covering designed specifically to prevent damage. your feature walls can now stand up to the daily wear and tear and can be easily cleaned.

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acrovyn from impact specialties is the leading brand of wall protection in retail stores, restaurants, and hotels. transform and enhance your brand image in your environment with our comprehensive system of wall protection products. acrovyn wont curl, crack or chip like typical wall covering

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acrovyn wall panels bring a custom and easily installed wall panel system to your retail, restaurant, or hotel space. from our solid color offerings to our chameleon simulated patterns, renaissance real wood and metal, and imagitect impact graphics, acrovyn wall panels allow you to reflect your desired branded experience while protecting your walls and surfaces from damage.

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high-impact wall covering acrovyn by design wall covering photographs, logos, patterns and more are reverse-printed behind acrovyn rigid sheet serving as a protective shield and providing impact resistant wall protection.

rampart: impact resistant wall solutions

rampart is a collection of impact-resistant wall protection products engineered for high-traffic commercial interiors. developed by wg design studio, rampart is a superior wall protection solution that performs as well as leading rigid sheet goods while offering designers a wider range of aesthetically pleasing patterns and colors, greater flexibility, and significantly lower installation

extreme impact resistant drywall with m2tech

extreme impact resistant drywall with m2tech is for use in interior wall and ceiling applications that require high impact durability and enhanced moisture and mold resistance. extreme impact contains fiberglass mesh reinforcement within a specially formulated, dense, fire resistive, noncombustible, moisture resistant core enclosed in a 100%