are fence spikes illegal

does anyone know the legality of putting spikes on fences

i'm sure that you can understand that the neighbour who has got home from work to find these spikes in the places on the fence where their cat likes to sit is somewhat less than happy about this and would like to ensure that their cat won't come to any harm from the spikes- and the first step to this is trying to find a way to get their neighbour to remove the spikes.

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he was more than happy for me to do so but mentioned that back in the day when he used to work in property a long time ago , it was law that if you were putting up any spikes, the fence had to be at least 6ft tall.

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xingying international also supplies wall spike fence system, which can be rapidly installed on top of existing structures wire mesh fence or concrete wall fence, gates and other surfaces to maximize your fence security. our security fence spikes with barb length 64 100 mm, barb thickness 0.8 2.0 mm, length of per piece 0.5 2 m.

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answers. in the uk that would be a definite no. by all means run it past the local council but you will find its a no on domestic property, because it may cause injury to would be burglars, and they in turn can prosecute you. that also goes for glass in cement and razor wire.

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i don't think you could do gbh from a bit of barbed wire . these laws are set by your local council. almost all local councils in urban areas ban barb wire. generally you are not allowed unless you are a rural block of a certain size, or if you have 3 fences, two normal fences and a barbed wire fence in the middle.

neighbour put up sharp plastic spike strips on her fence

i have two cats who frequently climb the dividing fence her fence and go into her garden. they clearly see this as an extension of our garden. other neighbourhood cats also move through all the gardens. the ndn has nailed strips of sharp plastic spikes along the fence, the spikes are sharp enough to d blood if i push my hand down on them.

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broken glass, bottles, etc. is probably illegal and certainly puts you on a sticky wicket when faced with the occupiers liability act 1984 as would carpet spikes, i think .

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maxguard fence spikes and wall spike strips use blunt tip metal spikes to stop climbing, discourage prowlers, intruders and nuisance animals, increasing the security of your yard or property. kit contains six 46 in. 116.84 cm or 23 ft. 7.01 m total, rigid pvc strips with a single row of 1-1/2 in.

does anyone know the legality of putting spikes on fences

i know someone who has just installed spikes on the top of their garden fence, presumably to deter their neighbour's cats from getting on the fence and into their garden. they have only installed them on one side which seems a little strange since their neighbours the other side have a cat too but the questions that this brings up are:

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some bird control deterrent spikes are electrified, using the same principle as an electric fence to increase effectiveness, and the distress call of the shocked bird can frighten others in the area. however, such devices cause unnecessary harm to birds or other wildlife, and are therefore illegal in some areas, such as the united kingdom.

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unfortunately, they are not illegal, you can buy from amazon they are called 'cat repeller fence spikes' speaks for itself 15 trixie1 , apr 8, 2018 clairabella likes this.

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the california court of appeals ruled that trees planted parallel to a property line, to purposely block a neighbors' view, constitutes a spite fence and a private nuisance, and is illegal under california civil code section 841.4 . the court further noted that bushes or hedges exceeding six feet 1.8 m in height in california six to ten feet 1.8 to 3.0 m in other states that block a neighbor's view are also a 'spite fence' and a private nuisance.

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be as calm as possible and just say you are concerned about the safety of your cat when he sits on the joint boundary wall, and ask if they have put the spikes up because they think your cat has caused any damage in their garden. also mention that it is illegal to put spikes on top of a wall.

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the term barbed wire has been interpreted to mean anything with spikes or jagged projections and this would include any made aggressive topping or addition to a wall or fence including carpet gripper, broken glass, nails and preparatory products such as plastic and metal spikes.

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fence spikes can the seen as illegal? my next door neighbour has erected fence spikes made out of a hard plastic, my problem being that i have a cat which sometimes would use this adjoining fence to enter our garden.

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although the law does not say that adding metal pigeon spikes or barbed wire to a fence is illegal, these type of cat spikes may become illegal if a pet cat is injured as a result. diy cat spikes in the form of nails, pins, carpet grippers and other sharp objects can also become illegal if they are fixed with intent to harm pet cats.

fence spikes can the seen as illegal? yahoo answers

spiked fences aren't illegal, there wouldn't be any if they were and if you are referring to the spiked plastic strips people put on top of fences for security then they must not adjoin any public land. you cat is classed as a wild animal anyway and unless you could prove someone deliberately harmed it you have no legal recourse.