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how to lay sleepers for garden edging: a step by step

there are many options for garden edging, and using sleepers is just one way. there are a variety of sleepers to choose from, but wood and concrete sleepers would perfectly fit your garden space. they are known to add a touch of versatility, ruggedness and traditional rustic look for a naturally beautiful garden edge.

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step 1. dig trench for plastic edging dig a trench along your garden bed. the trench should be deep enough so that the plastic edging goes down about half way. each piece of edging should easily clip onto each other so assemble as you move along your trench. previous step next step. step 2.

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method 1 installing plastic edging 1. mark the area with spray paint. use an old garden hose to mark the perimeter 2. dig a trench with a spear-headed shovel. 3. place long strips of edging into the trench and stake them. 4. backfill the area around the edging. use soil, mulch, or rocks to

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backfill the landscape edging with soil from the garden bed and compress it firmly. leave room on top for mulch. the simplest and most subtle landscape borders that effectively separate your lawn from a garden are 4-in.deep strips of steel, aluminum or plastic.

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related to: edging is essential to separate two types of groundcover, such as pebbles and mulch. it also works well between different kinds of sod or ornamental grasses, to keep one variety from overtaking the other. any areas with loose rocks, such as sculpture gardens, rock gardens or pathways, also benefit from edging.

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how to lay sleepers for garden edging 1. choose a location. if you already have a garden, you just need to outline the edges where youll lay the sleepers. if you are starting from scratch, the first step is to figure out where you want to locate the bed. normally, the best place is on the edge of the lawn. this protects your garden from human traffic as well as pets.

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how to stake curved edging. lay out the site using a hose and chalk to mark the curve. excavate a trench along the curve to the depth required for the base and paving materials. then drive stakes along the trench and prepare the edging by sawing kerfs in 3/4-inch stock at 1-inch intervals.