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how to build exterior stairs how-tos diy

sketch the design. make sure the planned stairs are all the same height and depth, and that the stair height and width conform to local building codes. use these measurements to determine the length of the stringers supports and the distance from the house to the base of the stringers. if a ledger board isn't present,

55 ways to save the environment and make a difference

55 ways to save the environment and make a difference after hearing many people talk about the movie an inconvenient truth, we decided to rent it from the video library. we watched it with the kids and they were very surprised to see the world drying up right in front of their eyes.

how to pour concrete steps /wet face concrete steps

here is a different technique on how to face concrete steps. unlimited dvr storage space. live tv from 70 channels. no cable box required.

the 7 best ways to help save the environment

use only as much toilet paper, napkins, and paper towels as you need to get the job done. the very best option would be to use a washable cloth or sponge for most of your cleanup. recycle to lower the amount of environmental waste you produce. aim to recycle as much glass, metal, plastic, and paper as you can.

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simple notched stair jacks are fine for interior stairs. they get nailed to wall studs for stability and are hidden once the house is finished. not so with deck stairs. naked, notched treated-wood stair jacks are unattractive and wobbly, and because there isnt much meat to attach posts or pickets to, youll have wobbly handrails, too.

how to build a root cellar in 7 steps

note from walden labs: if your ground is wet or you get a lot of rain, its highly recommended that you install proper drainage under the floor and along the outer walls of the root cellar. instead of backfilling dirt up to the wall, install a french drain on the outside at floorlevel and backfill with gravel to allow rainwater to drain away from the walls.

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to make your stairs safer, install abrasive safety strips available at home centers to each step. after cleaning the surface and allowing it to dry, attach the strip near the front of each step to make your home safer.

how to install stairs on a river bank hunker

step 8. build the rest of the steps until the top of the bank and the planned staircase top is reached. place each u-shaped timber outline on top of the step below it, make sure it is level, drill holes on the the upper tread about four inches from each end and pound a spike through each hole to tie the steps together.

55 ways to save the environment and make a difference

use leftover food and make new dishes with it. turn off taps and make sure they do not leak. find ways to save water in your shower, toilet, garden and sink. wash your car on the grass. use energy-efficient light bulbs. reuse your containers just be careful when using them in a microwave oven . buy in bulk to save on packaging.

how to build saunas: 13 steps with pictures

step 1, choose a spot for your home sauna where plumbing, heating and electricity are easily accessible. clear a space that is removed from overhanging trees and running water. 1 step 2, install any necessary pipes, wires, or gas lines.step 3, dig a space for rocks if you are using lava rocks to heat your sauna. if using infrared heating, make sure you have enough power for the heating system. personal saunas are generally heated in two ways: lava rocks, which are heated in a stove and over

how to remodel carpeted stairs with wood retrotreads

remove the carpet, saw off the old stair noses and sanding the stairs. carpet stair remodel measure and saw wood retrotreads stair tread template/gauge tool, miter and table saw work, dry fitting the new treads and risers.

exterior stair and walk trip slip and fall hazard photos, text

failure to connect the stair stringer to the building at all photo at left or inadequate connection can lead to a sudden and horrible surprise as the entire stair structure can fall down or slip away from the building. stairs are usually connected to the building at the top or head of the stair stringers using structural connectors, perhaps in combination with a ledger board between the interior surfaces of the stringers.

how to build a trail

the steps leading up from the godzilla footbridge. this staircase incorporates several happy accidents. first is the natural handrail on the right, courtesy of a conveniently fallen log. second is the artsy construction of steps necessitated by the discovery of an old car right in our intended path.

how to build a farm pond

make sure to dig beneath the dark black topsoil and collect your samples from the subsoil. mix a handful of soil from each hole in a quart-size mason jar. fill the jar with water to within 2 inches of the top and shake vigorously for about 60 seconds.

building concrete steps

step 3. building the forms for the concrete stairs. you can use either 3/4 inch plywood, 2x8's, or 2x6's to build the forms for the concrete stairs. the rise and run of the stairs will determine which material is best to use. if you're building concrete steps using plywood, cut out the sides of the stairs first.

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so, ill show you how to make your own diy wet palette. its simple to do and cheap. oh, its worth noting that the wet palette is for acrylic paints. disclosure: some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, i will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. the commission earned

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step 1. plan the height, depth and width of the steps to be installed. make the steps at least 2 feet wide for comfortable use, and at least 12 inches deep for a steady surface. use the size of the brick pavers as a guide; if you are using 8-inch square brick pavers, then you could create steps that are 16 inches deep by 24 or 32 inches wide.