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insulation in house exterior walls is one of the primary defenses against heat and energy loss. unfortunately, however, builders didnt insulate the walls of most homes built before the 1980s. so if your house was built before insulating walls became standard, you can potentially save a great deal of energy by insulating.

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i have come to understand, from a local 'old house' guru, that the blown in insulation is very damaging to wood siding and structure if you do not have a vapor barrier. i am looking to use a spray foam to insulate my plaster exterior walls on my 1914 craftsman home. is this a good product

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determine if insulation is in exterior walls most homes have framed walls, using 2x4 wood studs. the cavity between studs should have insulation, usually fiberglass batts or loose-fill fiberglass, rockwool or cellulose. there are several methods to determine if insulation is installed in the exterior walls. outside method.

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there is no insulation in any of the downstairs exterior walls. just a paper/foil barrier directly behind and in contact with the plasterboard walls. 2×4 construction with board sheathing and a black paper then the wood siding. in the next few weeks i am having the old siding stripped. then tyvek home wrap and foam insulation then new vinyl

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home > publications > articles > insulating on the outside. i dont think builders should install wood siding directly over plastic foam insulation. wood siding applied directly to foam has a history of failures. nailing wood siding directly to foam doesnt work because nails have to be extra long to reach through the siding and foam to

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find out how to insulate the exterior walls of your home. get tips on removing your existing wood siding, going right to the studs, putting on foam sheathing and then firring it out and residing it from there. learn why 1-inch is the thickness that you want for your insulation.

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for the outside facing walls of your home. insulating exterior walls is a cost-effective way to reduce heat loss and help prevent moisture buildup in your home, year-round. as these walls are your homes first line of defense, its important that the insulation you use accounts for all of the changing weather conditions outside.

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gregg is renovating his 50-year-old house in wisconsin and trying to devise the best way of insulating exterior walls from the outside. the house was built conventionally, with 2×4 walls, fiberglass batt insulation, fiberboard sheathing, and hardboard siding.

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pests: insulation on the exterior may increase the chance of pest infestation. bugs dont eat foam, but they will burrow through it, searching for tasty wood pulp. exterior basement and siding foam board need protection against pest infestations. and what attracts the bugs? moisture.

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the insulation is glued in place for a permanent connection. the backside of the insulation is flat so the siding installs flush against the homes exterior wall sheathing. the insulation itself can be up to 1.25-inch thick at its thickest point, but due to the stepped profile, much of the insulation is thinner.

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before the energy crisis of the 1970s, energy was abundant and cheap in america and it was cheaper to heat your old house than it was to insulate it. today, things have changed and to save yourself lots of money, its a good idea to learn how to insulate an old house without destroying it.

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how to prepare an exterior wall for new siding - adding foam 25 mar 2005 old house with sheets of new foam insulation on outside wall. the entire story can be found in replacing old wood siding and trim with

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this wets down the blown-in insulation making it a wet mass at the bottom of the wall cavity creating an inviting place for termites and dry rot. then the moisture enters the exterior sheathing and wood siding causing permanent exterior paint failure.

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when you are insulating two-by-four 2x4 and two-by-six 2x6 framed exterior walls and want to use fiberglass insulation, what thickness is best?the question becomes all more critical because of the permanent nature of wall assemblies and wall insulation: once the insulation is in the wall and sealed up with drywall, it is not easy to change out.