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also known as blue-belly because of the blue color on its neck and underside, a western fence lizard can make a really great pet. however, before getting one, go through this petponder post to get some tips on the lifespan, habitat, and care of a blue-belly lizard.

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dinner time. blue belly lizards primarily consume invertebrates in the wild, but they will eat small lizards from time to time. in captivity, blue bellies will thrive on commercially produced crickets or roaches. you can offer mealworms, wax worms and earthworms for occasional treats. feed your lizard, three to four times per week,

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feeding your eastern fence lizard. its important not to overfeed your lizard. however, feeding your pet is quite easy as they love eating fresh insects such as crickets. feed them once every other day and limit the number of crickets to 3 or 4 per day feed them 3 4 times per week . eastern fence lizard diet: crickets, fruit flies, small spiders and small grasshoppers.

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most of the commonly kept pet lizards are insectivores and can be kept alive on insects, but fruits, plants, and small animals are also great options for some lizards. for example, a good diet for a bearded dragon might include leafy greens as well as crickets, and even frozen mice.

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feed the lizard fresh insects every other day. if you are feeding crickets to the lizard, give it about four at each feeding. this way, the lizard will be less likely to get sick from overeating. wash the water dish daily, and use a soft, wet cloth to wipe down the tank sides and decorations every other week.

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i only need them during the warmer months even with the mild winters here in san diego, the fence lizards still hibernate much of the winter. you can also purchase them in bulk. they will last a good 3 months in the crisper der in the refrigerator if you bed them in a mix of bran and bird seed or hen scratch.

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western fence lizards love ants, and also will eat small crickets. if its a baby, get pinhead crickets. do not feed it any food longer than the space between its eyes, or it could become impacted

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no more than 10 percent of the lizards' diet should be fruits, as they tend to have an inverted calcium: phosphorus ratio. fruits that are good to offer include figs, papaya, melon, apple, peaches, plums, stberries, tomatoes, banana with the skin , grapes, kiwi and blueberries.

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in the wild western fence lizards eat flies, spiders and they are even known to eat smaller lizards. yes, other lizards this is cannibalisation, its something that happens in the lizard kingdom.

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eastern fence lizards have a diet primarily comprised of insects, such as ants, weevils, beetles, lady bugs, centipedes, spiders and other arthropods. the lizards also eat snails and some plant matter during the process, according to animal diversity web from the university of michigan museum of zoology. keep learning.

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fence lizards eat a wide variety of insects, spiders, and other invertebrates. they don't eat fruit but it never hurts to try.

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can lizards eat fruits and vegetables? lizards are omnivores, which means their diet consists of both animal and plant matter, including fruits and vegetables. however, some fruits and vegetables are more beneficial for lizards than others. there are even certain fruits and vegetables that can be toxic to lizards. here are a few fruits and vegetables commonly given to lizards.

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they can eat lettuce as a treat , bugs, and some fruit. i wouldnt think so i breed western fence lizards and dont think they will eat anything thats not moving.i am currently a owner of five

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no. fence lizards occupy a niche of semi-sedentary insectivory; in other words, they spend most of their time basking in sunlight and will eat whatever small insects cross their path. i have seen videos sceloporus magister, the desert spiny lizard, eating desert flowers, but i dont think anyones documented herbivory in the other species.

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we find plenty of insects in the wild, so the lizards generally eat insects such as worms, grasshoppers, spiders, cockroaches, flies and the like. certain insects such as lightning-bugs are venomous to certain lizards. small lizards like skinks and fence lizards are useful to humans since they consume the insects and termites that are harmful to us.

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many types of lizards will eat ants, including fence lizards and many types of horned lizards. ants are a particularly popular food for desert lizards. lizards will often lie in wait near the anthill and get his prey as they enter or exit their home.

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the western fence lizard eats spiders and insects such as beetles, mosquitoes, and various types of grasshoppers. camouflaging like most other lizards, s. occidentalis goes through a period of hibernation during the winter.

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i've trained the wild lizards that live in our yard, to eat from my hand. on a hot summer day when they're most active, they will come running as soon as i step outside. i think they're mostly