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drywall is a common building material for finishing interior garage walls. the process of installing drywall usually involves nailing or screwing the drywall panels to wooden studs, taping and bedding the joints between the drywall panels with joint compound, then painting the walls for an aesthetically pleasing finish.

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if any wall or the ceiling of the garage adjoins the house, the international residential code -- which most municipalities follow -- requires it to be covered with drywall for fire prevention. moreover, if the garage is 3 feet or less distant from the house, all the interior walls must be covered with drywall.

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while drywall serves as the most common wall finish throughout most modern homes, it's not always the best choice for the garage. in addition to being difficult to finish properly, drywall simply

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8 homes made from recycled materials. by ilyce glink a fish pond that feeds another vegetable garden and a garage equipped to charge an electric car. best-selling book author and founder

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modem. so you would have to have a device that connects to your modem and to ports in the wall. the advantage to ethernet over wireless is the speed doesn't decrease as fast in distance from the

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a personally selected garage wall is curated to suit the needs of the individual, with every imaginable style and material at his disposal to craft the garage of his dreams. from wooden wall mounts equipped with hooks and pegs to hang tools and gear, to painted as well as polished metal facades, your garage can at last be treated like the

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garage walls are a little like a blank canvas, with shelves, hooks and pegboards in place of paint. if you’ve run out of room to park your car because the space has been taken over by bikes, tools and sports equipment, or if you want to turn your seldom used garage into a workshop or entertainment room, transform the walls with one of these easy solutions.