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if you want something calming and decorative your deck or porch that is easy to make from cheap materials, then youre in luck you should be able to find the egg at your local nursery, and the remaining items bowl and fountain parts should be easy to pick up. diy instructions and project credit todayscreativelife. disappearing fountain

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my easter sunday project. now i have my own, unique water feature for my deck. my easter sunday project. now i have my own, unique water feature for my deck. diy water fountain for deck

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may 15, 2016- diy water fountains and water features for the garden and home. see more ideas about water features, water features in the garden and outdoor gardens.

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fountains make us relax and stay calm because many people like the sound of falling water. and as we continue to tell you about outdoor pieces for your garden and patio weve gathered a collection of cool diy fountains. the simplest idea is to make a fountain of planters or pots they are

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get a few nice looking different sized pots to complete this tiered fountain project available at the addicted 2 diy. adding a small water feature in your garden is not very expensive, and you can make it yourself. try this diy tutorial here. get a few medium to large sized terracotta planters to

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'the solution was to build a vanishing-edge pond with a bridge that crosses over to a patio. the cascading fall into the spa from under the bridge appears to be spilling over from the pond.' small and simple fountains can be easily added to your deck or patio. photo by: videofocus videofocus. small and simple fountains can be easily added

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read this article to find out how to make a simple, inexpensive, diy water feature or fountain for your yard, garden, patio, or deck.

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how to make a garden fountain out of, well, anything you want: you tried sweating it out in the sauna, you can't let go in a yoga pose, and om isn't exactly hitting home. and no wonderyou're working too hard at relaxing. what you need is a place to sit quietly and contemplate the sounds of nature: birds chir

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water features are beautiful as well as calming and peaceful. here are 33 easy diy tutorials to help you build your own whether indoors or outdoors water features are an easy way to bring tranquility and relaxation to any home. i think my favorite from the list below is 13 the large pot fountain.

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lawn and garden; 10 inventive designs for a diy garden fountain the soothing sound of flowing water has long been a feature of celebrated gardens around the world.

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place the pot face down. clean rough edges of the drainage holes with a file to receive the rubber plugs. apply sealant to the sides of each plug, place the smaller end into the hole and push firmly, leaving about 1/4 inch extending from the hole.

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22 diy water fountain ideas that will save you major time and money. add a soothing water structure to your backyard without breaking the bank. blogger marie moved her water wall onto her deck so company could enjoy the relaxing sound of water while they chatted. get the tutorial at interior frugalista. 10 of 22.

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this diy flower pot fountain is beautiful and budget-friendly. with a $20 fountain pump kit, jordan grantham of the happy homebodies used two terra cotta pots and river rock to create a tuscan-inspired design for a deck. note that this fountain must be placed near an outdoor electrical outlet in order to run.

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how to make a diy recirculating fountain out of a pot. this is a project i did for my home a few years ago. i love the sound of water and i wanted to create a fountain so i could hear the sound of falling water in my home i added a colorful pot and create a recirculating fountain to our home.

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diy garden fountain. deck-top pond. concrete sphere fountain. soothing water fountain. good to know. to maintain the fountain, periodically disassemble it to reach the pump. then clean the pump filter in warm soapy water. in cold climates, disassemble the fountain and remove all of the water before storing it. never allow water to freeze inside

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this video shows you how to build your own water fountain. it can be a great deco for any garden and the sound of water will leave even the most stressed ones feeling relaxed ;- i absolutely love

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this garden water feature was a quick and easy diy - it only took an afternoon how to make a diy bubble fountain for your backyard or deck. this style of fountain uses two or more pots - and has a relaxing bubbling sound and pretty waterfall effect down the sides. a lovely feature for any garden - even if you have a small budget

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this budget-friendly diy plant pot water fountain is the perfect water feature for a deck, patio, porch, or apartment balcony. for years i've been wanting a unique water fountain but none that i liked fit our budget. one afternoon while relaxing on the deck i glanced over at a heap of plant pots we didn't use this summer when i had a light bulb moment.

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great for any time of year, diy water fountains can even be heated to supply water to the birds and wildlife during the frozen winter months. try one of these tutorials to get you started on loving your new outdoor fountain try this bamboo diy water fountain from the avery concrete terrace fountain is perfect for the patio or deck. it