life cycle assessment of wood plastic composites

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based on a life cycle assessment in accordance with the iso 14040 and iso 14044 complemented by ict specific etsi ts 199 and itu-t l 1410. the life cycle inventory (lci) data is measured at our own factories and operations and collected from suppliers. in addition we use internationally available lci databases.

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life cycle assessment of plastic bag production

ruban, a., 2012: life cycle assessment of plastic bag production. master thesis in sustainable development at uppsala university, 36 pp, 30 ects/hp abstract: the main focus of this report is to establish a comparative study of traditional and biodegradable vest-plastic bag production through the utilization of a life cycle assessment (lca

life cycle impacts of plastic packaging compared to

life cycle impacts of plastic packaging compared to substitutes in the united states and canada theoretical substitution analysis prepared for the plastics division of the american chemistry council (acc) by franklin associates, a division of eastern research group (erg) april 2018

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at the end of the extruder, the molten plastic is forced out through a small opening or die to shape the finished product. as the plastic product extrudes from the die, it is cooled by air or water. plastic films and bags are made by extrusion processing.

life cycle assessment of a plastic packaging recycling

mastellone ml, perugini f, arena u (2002): life cycle assessment of mechanical recycling of plastic containers for liquids. 2nd int. conf. on polymer modification, degradation and stabilisation, isbn 963-420-723 5, budapest (hungary), june 30-july 4 google scholar

the economics of plastic: a life-cycle assessment of

the literature review showed that research has been conducted on either part of the life cycle of plastic bottles, or on the entire life. for example, boustead (2005) conducted a partial life cycle assessment of bottle grade pet polymers by focusing only on the materials acquisition and production phases.

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