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in order to preserve the soil moisture and nutrients, add mulch around the tree. importance of mulch and edging. your mulch should not be more than three inches deep. coupled with proper edging, the tree will no longer have to compete with the turf for nutrients. therefore, the roots that lie beneath will benefit from the combination of the two.

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selling your home? 17 tips for creating maximum curb appeal. june 25, prune trees and remove limbs that hang over the house. weed gardens thoroughly, and cover beds with mulch or compost

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dump your old soil onto your compost pile or in your garden or around your trees or shrubbery. or, if you don't have those options, perhaps offer the used soil to someone who does. read the question about dirt for container gardens discussion from the chowhound gardening food community. and, yes, i can put the old stuff around other

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it was my understanding that when planting a tree (or even a shrub) one should leave about a 6" space below the tree to make sure that when watering the tree, that there would be a basin where the water could collect. what is the reason for mounding up to a foot high or more of mulch around a new tree trunk for up to perhaps 5-10 years.

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mulch also may decrease soil compaction over time and reduces lawnmower damage. with so many benefits, it only makes sense to ensure your mulch stays in place around the tree. here are the steps for mulching around a tree: edging and mulching around a tree starts with shoveling patches of grass (make sure you don’t scrape tree roots!) within

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putting down roots. form a shallow water-catching basin around the outside edge of the planting hole. over the planting hole but be sure to keep the mulch six inches away from the tree

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edging defines a safe zone around tree trunks. by forming and maintaining an edged bed around the base of plants, you will protect them from mechanical damage that occurs when mowers and string trimmers bump against the bark. that damage is virtually unavoidable when there is no edge around trees because landscape crews must get right up

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putting mulch around a tree makes lawns more attractive, controls weeds, and helps maintain soil moisture. however, if you apply mulch incorrectly, you can stimulate the growth of fungus, attract insects, and starve the tree's roots of oxygen.