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taking on this challenge allows you to design the deck of your dreams and to use those plans to determine how much decking material you'll need. but before heading off to the lumber store, you'll need to transform your deck's number of square feet into linear feet, or total board length.

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start by working out the area of your desired decking area in square metres. to do this simply measure the area in metres and multiply the width by the depth. if the area you are decking is not a simple rectangle then you will need to divide it into rectangles and calculate each area individually.

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that creates approximately another 3 inches width-wise that you wouldn't need material to cover. since the deck is 20 feet long, the square footage of the gaps is 3 inches by 20 feet or 5 square feet. because this square footage is less than one board's square footage, you might still wish to purchase 25 boards.

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how to calculate square footage for railings. how to calculate the square feet of a deck ehow . how to calculate the square feet of a deck. you will need to know the square feet involved. square footage is a measurement of price per square foot to build ..>> baluster calculator - figure out how many you'll need

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how much decking do i need? posted by ecodek on june 13th, 2012, tagged with diy, work out how many square metres the area is, this is done by length x width e.g. 6 x 4 = 24m²; to cover 1m² with eco dek composite decking you need 7.1 metres of material. therefore the next calculation is to work out how many linear metres is needed to

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to determine how much seven trust decking material you will need, start by calculating the square footage of your deck surface by multiplying length by width. once you know this number, divide it by the numbers provided below for: 12' planks; 16' planks; 20' planks. once you know the square footage number, divide below by: 5.5 for 12' planks