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rubber-backed mats can definitely stain composite and pvc decking. also watch out for metal grommets, which leave rust stains. the preferred material for mats on synthetic decking is polypropylene or coco/coir a natural fiber made from coconut shells. coco/coir mats come in a variety of styles and are suitable for outdoor use.

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this decking stain is intended to use on previously treated wood, although it wont adhere well to previously painted surfaces unless the old stain is removed with an appropriate stripper. if applied correctly, the product touch dries in 90 minutes and can be re-coated in four hours.

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here at, we take pride in the fact that we have become the internets number one resource for true, honest deck stain reviews. composite decks contain a mix of plastic and wood and are prone to mold and mildew growth just like wood decks, so you should choose a high-quality composite sealer to protect your finished project.

can you stain or paint a composite deck?

how to stain composite decking step 1: protect plants and other deck items. step 2: clean the surface. just like painting, its important that you clean the deck of any dirt, step 3: apply the weatherproofing stain and sealer. step 4: keep it clean. to get the most longevity from your freshly

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to remove an oil stain from your composite deck, get a scrub brush, a bucket filled with warm water, a bottle of vinegar and baking soda. treating the oil stain baking soda is absorbent and will soak up any of the liquid oil that is sitting on your composite decking.

composite vs wood: which is the best decking material?

again, one material isnt going to be the right answer for every home. the best decking material depends on many things, including the location of your home, the type of weather you get, what you plan to do with it, etc. but in most cases, composite decking will last longer, take less work, and look just as beautiful as normal wood.

how to clean and restore a composite deck

how to clean and restore a composite deck. apply the composite deck stain: stir product thoroughly. make sure that all pigment is mixed evenly into the stain. apply one coat of composite deck finish following label directions. after 30 minutes, brush or roll out any excess product puddled or pooled on the surface of the deck.

staining composite decks best deck stain reviews ratings

use a quality composite deck stain that penetrates well. look for a stain that helps fight against uv fading and discoloring. composite deck stains with mildewcides or inhibitors are a plus. any stain containing zinc particles will also naturally fight against mildew. apply the composite deck stain using a brush, roller, or stain pad. do not over apply.