where do floor drains go

do you know where your floor drains go?

do you know where your floor drains go? floor drains are found at many small businesses such as dry cleaners, printers, manufacturing facilities and auto service companies. a common floor drain system includes a concrete trench that runs down the center of the shop floor. the trench is designed to capture water, cleaners, oil, dirt or other materials.

floor drain basics

floor drains are no exception. when the drain line gets clogged if the drain line for the floor drain gets clogged, it needs to be cleaned out with a drain cleaning tool. the floor drain has an area which bypasses the trap, which will allow a tool to be inserted in to the drain. ive highlighted this bypass in the photo below,

floor drain sewage odor problems: cause and cure

floor drain trap as odor source. it is interesting that you found the floor trap filled with water. often a floor drain whose only function is to catch on-floor flooding in a basement is so seldom used that its floor trap dries out and sewer gases pass backwards into the building.

fix basement drain problems

the floor drain is intended to be used as emergency flood control. it is a good idea to test them once a year or so to make sure they work. testing floor drains. try pouring a small amount of water into the drain at first, so if there's a problem you won't have a big mess to clean up. if the drain takes small amounts of water, increase the flow.

how to unclog a floor drain terry's plumbing

floor drains, found in basements all across the united states, dont get clogged very often. when they do, many clogs can easily be removed as a part of a diy project, provided that the homeowner has the right tools at his or her disposal.

floor drains to grease trap? the building code forum

just a couple of things to mention-first, i would not construe 1003.3.1 to require every floor drain in a commercial kitchen to go thru the grease trap because many of these drains are area drains for washing the floors. imho the code says floor drains or sinks into which kettles are drain.

where does a basement floor drain usually go? yahoo answers

in my house my tub sink where the washer drains goes to a stand pipe that goes into the floor. i have a slow drain and the floor drain back up when i do laundry. my question is where does the floor drain usually go to. we have sewer but those pipes are on the other side of the basement. does it go to the sewer on its own lateral to the street?

basement floor drain

wherever you decide to have a floor drain in the basement, saw a small piece out of the drain pipe and install a 't' adapter so you can have a short piece of pipe sticking strht up. this will be cut down to grade later and the cellar floor drain will be glued to the top.

how do you clean a basement floor drain?

how do you clean a basement floor drain? floor drains naturally catch debris and other gunk, building up inside and necessitating a clear-out. if there is debris clogging the drain, or there is no water in the trap below it, sewer gas odors will waft out of the pipe, causing a strong smell in the basement that can float into the rest of the house.

where does my garage drain go and how can i unclog it

your garage drain could go anywhere--it could be tied into your septic system or sewer connection, or it could go to a separate exterior drywell or leach field. it could even head into a sump pit to be pumped out by a sump pump. its impossible to know without a whole lot more information about your specific circumstance.

all you need to know about basement drains

3. floor drains. floor drains are most often installed during original construction, often in the utility area, to drain away excess water in the basement.

where do basement floor drains go?

the basement floor drain can also be connected to a sewer pit that has an ejector pump, in which case it can drain fluid from the sink and washing machines. basement floor drains traps. the trap is designed to stop any sewer gas from going back into your home. the trap is similar to those that can be found in bathtubs, sinks, and showers.

appropriate use of basement floor drain this old house

that ground water drains into the weeping tiles around the base of your basement walls, and those weeping tiles drain into the floor drain in your basement laundry room area.

what you need to know about the drain in your garage floor

the drain also allows you to wash your garage floor without the cleaning mixture collecting on the floor or spilling onto your driveway and leaving behind dirty residue. types of drains. there are two main types of garage floor drains: trench and square or round. trench drains come in sections.

how does a basement floor drain work? hunker

many basement floor drains tie directly to the home's sewer system, but in some communities, local building codes require floor drains to run to a sump pit, where a pump lifts the water to the exterior surface of the house.

do my basement floor drains lead to sewer? how can i tell

yes, the floor drains got to the sewer. you will need a standpipe for the washer to drain into before it goes to the drain. if not, the washer will drain by gravity while running.

garage floor drain installation doityourself.com

step 1 - choose a drain type. there are two ways to go about the garage drain system. one possibility is to raise the level of the garage over the existing floor. this is easier to do, but you will need to make a special ramp to enter the garage. alternatively, you can dig the existing floor with a power drill.

where does my garage drain go and how can i unclog it

where does my garage drain go and how can i unclog it? ask question asked 5 years, 11 months ago. active 2 years, 1 month ago. viewed 42k times 3. i have a drain in my garage floor. i've never worried about it too much, but with some heavy rains recently i discovered it doesn't work. it appears to be clogged with lots of dirt, pebbles, and