bench to ohp ratio

ohp to bench ratio; what ratio do you guys/girls have

i'm curious to hear about this, because i rarely see people do ohp in my gym. i did some googling and searching and couldn't come up with a good number - so i'm asking you guys my ratio is 70kg ohp, 130kg bench so 70/130=54%. i think this is low and am aiming for 80kg soon. what ratios do you guys have?

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but let's say, just for the sake of argument, that the time taken from bench press training drops your bench from 300 to 275, while it brings your press up to 185 from exactly shit. that gives you a press/bench press ratio of 0.67, or about 2/3 press to bench, a decent strength distribution, and a much better place to be when your bench goes to

weightlifting strength standards

deadlift 6,641,000 lifts bench press 11,188,000 lifts squat 6,500,000 lifts shoulder press 1,658,000 lifts military press 194,000 lifts front squat 538,000 lifts barbell curl 788,000 lifts incline bench press 334,000 lifts bent over row 504,000 lifts hex bar deadlift 228,000 lifts sumo deadlift 83,000 lifts hip thrust 126,000 lifts close grip bench press 38,000 lifts romanian deadlift 135,000 lifts ez bar curl 7,000 lifts decline bench press 65,000 lifts preacher curl 27,000 lifts rack pull

push press vs overhead press

the push press is the best option for power production, as it entails a lifter to use the legs, hips, and upper body to maximally accelerate heavy loads overhead.

bench press : overhead press ratio

bench 200 1.3x bw ohp 140 0.9x bw bench to ohp ratio = 1.4:1 close to yours by the 'ohp 1x bw and bench 1.5x bw' standards, your ohp is stronger than your bench, but not by too much. pretty normal i think. maybe focus on chest strength a little more now.

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geoff chafe said: . the strict press should be at least 2/3 your bench press if you have healthy shoulders. for me it's a good rule of thumb. if you are not pressing within that ratio you need to work on technique, shoulder stability, thoracic spine flexibility, and upper back strength.

ohp vs. incline bench for powerlifting

focus more on overhead pressing than bench pressing for the classic greek statue look - duration: 10:36. jason blaha's strength and fitness 70,378 views

bench press:overheard press ratio

firstly, what's the ratio of your bp:ohp? i find my overhead press to be a tad pathetic. for 3x5 i'm at 97.5kg:57.5kg 215lbs:127lbs which equates to about 1.7 times stronger on bench. i see a lot of people here and elsewhere with a much smaller difference in the two lifts.

btn press:ohp press ratio?

i ohp standing 155, and bench 265. not sure what the ratio is supposed to be but i would think it should be around 75%. btw i dont train ohp much and havent maxed on it in a couple months so it could be a bit higher.

bench press vs. overhead press

the bench press and the overhead press are the two m ajor pushing lifts. as such, they are often compared. which is better the bench or the overhead press? t he bench press builds more upper body mass because it involves more muscle s chest, shoulders and triceps . on the other hand, when you are lifting the barbell overhead, the chest does not contribute largely to the lift.

shoulder press to bench press ratio

as an advanced lifter, you should press 59.8 percent of your bench press, and if you are an elite lifter, your shoulder press should be at least 63.5 percent of your bench press. women's ratio an untrained woman, on average, will overhead press 62.9 percent of her bench press.

what is your bench/ohp/dips-ratio? stronger 24/7

195 bench press, 115 ohp, and body weight dips haven't tried max effort for reps but i'd say probably 20-30 body weight, did 55lbs for 5 reps last time i had a belt at my disposal 6 years ago post 38 ip flag post

people who always do ohp and never bench gtfih

people who always do ohp and never bench gtfih if you are one of those people who only train the ohp and only bench once in a blue moon to see where you are at, what is your ohp to bench ratio like?

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the ideal bench:ohp ratio as a rule of thumb, your overhead press should be 60-70% of your bench press. so, if your bench press is 100 kg for 5 repetitions, your overhead press should be between 60 to 70 kg for 5 repetitions.

ohp help? it's pretty terrible

your ohp is pretty good relative to your bench.your never going to ohp more then you bench press. aim to ohp 2/3 of your bench. thats where you are right now.

know your ratios, destroy weaknesses t nation

for example, if a lifter's power clean and power snatches have a very high ratio are above 85% and 67.5% versus the clean and snatch, it tells me that the individual is either super powerful or has technical or mobility issues in getting under the bar into a full squat to receive the barbell.

what is your bench/ohp/dips-ratio? stronger 24/7

paused bench, strict ohp no push press, no kicking, no jerking and deep dips ratio? mine is 155 / 85 / 30 super weak ohp so trying to bring that up. just recently started doing dips again, think i can do 50 in a while. pro tip: if you wanna bring your bench up, check your ohp ratio. if its under 0.66 you might wanna think about bringing it up.