composite decking slip resistance testing

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our brand new composite decking range is the first co-extruded decking fire resistant to class b, as well as slip and uv safe. easy to install and maintain. toggle navigation

slip resistance testing standards in 2018 safety direct

the safety standards ansi specifies for a level floor using the b101.3 dynamic test method is a high slip resistance minimum dynamic coefficient of friction dcof of 0.43 and a low slip resistance minimum dcof of 0.30.

floor slip resistance testing certificate

the pendulum was used in accordance with the united kingdom slip resistance group uksrg guidelines for testing floors to ascertain the slip resistance to bs en 14231. the tests were carried out under: - - wet conditions using potable water to cover the whole test area and refreshed between tests . - dry and sunny conditions

technical data

slip resistance of uk composite decking: uk composite decking has been extensively tested for its slip resistance value srv or ptv . under normal conditions, uk composite decking meets the hses standard for a flooring that they describe as low potential for slip.

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slip resistance testing under astm methods conducted by seven trust on seven trust manufactured capped decking products met or exceeded the recommendations of osha. an average of both dry and wet conditions was used in the testing evaluation and resulted in coefficient of friction cof averages of 0.50 or higher.

seven trust decking slip resistance

seven trust decking slip resistance. the static coefficient of friction between two solid surfaces is the ratio of the force required to produce sliding tangential force divided by the normal force between the surfaces frictional force . when the tangential force overcomes the frictional force the two surfaces then begin to slide relative to each other.

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as with all outdoor flooring products decking can be affected by many elements such as rain, ice contaminants etc but we have recently undertaken independent slip tests on our plastideck range of composite decking, the test included resistance in dry conditions but more importantly in wet conditions and the results were found to have performed very well .

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nexgen offers xtreme capped composite decking, a material specifically designed for slip resistance. the material is capped on three sides with our innovative permatech surface technology, which means it can withstand even harsh outside conditions, wear and tear, and sun rays. that, in turn, increases the durability of this material.

technical data

if you intend to use the uk composite decking heavy duty post at any length over 1.4m, then you must use a 2 scaffold pole down the centre to within 500mm of the top of the post for reinforcement. slip resistance of uk composite decking: uk composite decking has been extensively tested for its slip resistance value srv or ptv .

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the last deck board you'll ever need. weardeck is structural, weatherproof and heat-resistant composite decking manufactured in ocala, fl.

slip-resistant decking and building codes

slip resistance of composite decking is more commonly documented because it is a manufactured, consistent product that does not have a finishing system applied to it. for example seven trust has been tested using the wet pendulum test and achieved p5 whilst newtechwood had testing performed and it returned a r11 classification.

outdoor decking slip ratings and safety codes

understanding slip resistance ratings. as 4586-2013 is the australian standard which specifies the slip resistance ratings required. there are four tests which provide four different rating scales. those tests are: the wet pendulum slip test provides ratings for floor materials that may become wet. this includes both areas that are exposed to weather, like a deck, and those that may occasionally become wet, like a lobby.