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a diy fence post with no digging hunker

a diy fence post with no digging. freestanding fence fun. if you need a temporary fence or a border that you can move as needed, a quick way is to use concrete blocks. attach a bracket to a concrete block that is heavy enough to hold the wood or other material you plan to use to build the fence. how to install a wood fence without posts 2

how to remove a wood fence post that is broken off at

most correctly embedded wood fence posts are set in concrete or cement to ensure their stability. unfortunately, when such a fence post is broken off at ground level, removing the concrete or

how to set a long lasting fence post without concrete

how to set a long lasting fence post without concrete may 8, 2015 daniel fence post , fence posts 6 comments at 15 and eager to find my first real job, i followed up mercilessly on an application i submitted to a farm/county park that was an easy bike ride away.

success with no concrete?

any one have any success with installing a fence post without concrete? i'm looking at a 6' privacy fence with about 3' buried. wondering if i can install posts successfully with gravel underneath and then pounding the soil in around them instead of concrete.


i need to replace a wooden fence post that was set into concrete. the post has snapped through rot at the base and the rot has set in so far that the post snapped about 2 inches beneath the surface. i had contemplated digging out the concrete to set in a new post again with concrete but have found the concrete is part set into submerged wall

should i set fence posts in dirt, gravel, crushed rock, or

i have received conflicting advice about how to set wooden fence posts. many web sites suggest setting them in a concrete cylinder.; someone at the local hardware store had seen posts set in concrete rot and break because water seeps in along the edges of the post especially in the winter and does not drain properly.

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the dos and donts of setting a fence post a well-constructed fence can protect privacy, define your property, and enhance curb appeal. but before you decide to put one up yourself, learn how to

how to easily install a fence post without cement using

how to easily install a fence post without cement using wood post anchors, gravel, or a hydraulic driver april 27, 2017 wood post anchors are some of the easiest ways to install a fence post, and offer other benefits, like protection from water and weed eaters.

how to set fence posts that won't rot the family handyman

this photo shows the five ways to make your wooden fence posts last a long time when your setting posts in concrete. please see an enlargement in additional information below. apply high-quality exterior acrylic caulk, or silicone specifically designed to adhere to concrete, at the base of the

how to set a secure gate post without concrete

we are working on a special project that needs a small gate. this gate is set atop a burm of heavy clay soil. i did not want to use concrete, but i do want a secure post. my buddy, tommy alderman

how to install a fence post without concrete or spikes

new fencefins fence post anchors www.fencefins.com are the easy, strhtforward way to install fence posts. there's no need for concrete. there's no need to thump in big metal spikes. with

concrete is a no-no for fence posts national columns

concrete is a no-no for fence posts do not set wooden posts in concrete. your post is about three different topics with the title concrete is a no no. pier size is what makes the strongest

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if so, then consider using this method to simply repair the broken post. or, maybe you are just looking to get rid of a fence all together. either way, the process to remove that old post and concrete footing is exactly the same and in this post, ill show you exactly how to do it the easy way. the following method is my favorite because it:

pull wooden fence posts set in concrete with no digging

pull wooden fence posts set in concrete with no digging : i wanted to post this to maybe help someone save a little time if they ever need to replace a fence, which has wooden posts that are set in concrete, and doesn't want to have to dig them out by hand.here's the story.my very aging neighbor lady dow

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if you have a damaged fence and need to replace a fence post or two, but not the whole fence, you may face some problems as you probably have to put the new posts where the old posts had been. how to replace a fence post set in concrete? timber posts set in concrete pose a particular challenge.

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how to strengthen fence posts without pouring concrete concrete can actually encourage upheaval, but gravel allows water to drain around the fence posts for better support. jupiterimages/comstock