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types of deck material include steel, concrete, cement and wood. the type of roof deck to use depends on how much weight it needs to carry, which further depends on the roofing materials selected. other factors include the weight of air conditioning equipment, rain and snow.

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common roof sheathing materials include several types, which are chosen depending on the budget and weather conditions of the area. unless you're an experienced contractor yourself, the term “roof sheathing” is probably completely foreign to you. all the more reason to hire a pro to handle the repair or replacement of your roof's framework.

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the roof will still be there as long as you turn off the autoroof first. user info: twrdrockfan. twrdrockfan - 9 years ago 0 0. top voted answer. lol this is really easy. just get the roof you want to use to cover it then drag it from the bottem left of the courner to the top right corner. if you cant do this over the patio then make sure there

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when conventional roof decking is composed of lumber that is about 1” inch thick, modern decking is composed of various varieties of wood and other decking materials. so, whether you are constructing a new house or upgrading to a new roof, you should keep these types of roof decking into consideration plywood

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roof decking how to know if it is needed when you are doing a roof tear off, it is important to determine if some (or all) of y. this type of roof deck is very stout and durable. the only time it needs to be repaired is generally when it has had extensive exposure to moisture.