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are you considering using tile for your pool deck? this versatile flooring option can look absolutely stunning in an outdoor setting. tiles come in a wide range of styles, colors, and designs, so its certainly the best choice if you want something thats highly customizable.

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the unique quality of the wet pool deck requires the additional coefficient of friction. slippery pool decks will always be a problem because they will always get wet. we have had excellent results in treating stone and tile pool decks and treating areas around the pool deck to make them safe.

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tile slip resistance testing services and anti-slip floor solutions for accident prevention. for 30 years, safety direct america has been making america safer one floor at a time.

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how to prevent slips and falls on a swimming pool deck. posted on safety direct america can conduct the pendulum slip testing, either in the laboratory if you can supply a representative sample or on your slippery pool deck. in the case of ceramic tiles, its a good idea to test three independent pieces. total charge for the lab slip

new standard measures coefficient of friction for ceramic tile

original article november 1, 2013: architects and designers play a direct role in the specification of safe floors and flooring materials, which is why a dramatic new change to the standard governing coefficient of friction cof for ceramic tile means that specifiers need to get up to speed on the new testing methods to ensure their flooring specs remain up to par.

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natare offers two types of floor and deck surfacing systems: natadek and softdek. both products provide a durable, watertight barrier for wet environments. ideal for renovation and new construction, natadek easily installs over most pool surfaces including wood, tile, concrete, fiberglass and steel. natares natadek pool floor and deck

what flooring should i use for my locker rooms and pool decks?

what flooring should i use for my locker rooms and pool decks? what is the perfect flooring material for locker rooms and pool decks? as designers of community recreation centers, we get asked this question all the timeand we have yet to find the perfect blanket solution for every situation and set of conditions.

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marble tiles can be used as a perimeter decking material, but the tiles should be honed instead of polished. polished marble is very slippery and creates a slipping hazard. remember to use special sealing compounds that increase friction when marble is used for the bondbeam or surrounding deck tiles. safe tiles for use as pool linings.

astm c1028 vs. ansi a137.1/a326.3 ansi a137.1 tile slip test

comparing astm c1028 with ansi a137.1/a326.3 for floor slip resistance testing scof vs. dcof. requirements for a minimum slip resistance for tiled indoor wet areas pool decks, showers, some lobbies, commercial kitchens, etc. entered the international building code ibc in 2014 when the american national standards institute ansi amended their standard a137.1 to include a minimum value

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putting safety first. some examples are but not limited to : public showers, steam rooms, swimming pool decks, and locker rooms. 0.60: pool decking and other wet areas with minimal footwear tile sizes are a factor for slip resistance in wet areas. smaller sizes allow for more drainage through an increased number of grout joints

6 reasons a travertine pool deck is best desert crest llc

that would make it 7 reasons that they excel, and there are more important points that the surface appeal to consider. so, aside from its incredible beauty, why is a travertine pool deck best? 1: surface temperature. except for the darker shades, travertine pool decks are 20-30% cooler than other natural stones and concrete pavers.

the new slip resistance requirements in ibc - construction

specifying flooring that will not be slippery even when it can get wet or otherwise lubricated in use is critical for safety purposes. the 2012 international building code ibc lays out slip resistance, but there are weaknesses with the requirements.

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concrete and tile deck sealer. deck-o-grip is a non-yellowing, high solids, transparent, easy-to-apply concrete and tile sealer, designed for exterior swimming pool decks, patios, sidewalks, and porches. it is specifically designed to retain and enhance the appearance of your deck. provides a clear sealer for new or existing surfaces that will