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welcome to sips uk, the home of superior building solutions. we design, manufacture and supply one of the most advanced building systems available today, called structural insulated panels. this is a fast, cost-effective building solution, which can be tailored to each clients brief for extensions, roof conversions, and more. structural

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sips panels consist of an insulating core bonded between two structural facings. built off-site, the panels are very fast to erect on site and achieve good u values and excellent airtightness. while more expensive than timber frame, assessed across the whole project the additional costs are only around 3 to 5 per cent

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sip build uk is the leading nationwide provider of structural insulated panels sips . we specialise in sip houses, schools and sip cladding projects. bopasstructurally insulated panels sips , self build sip houses, sip schools and sip cladding

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acme panel manufactures and distributes structural insulated panels used to make better buildings at reasonable prices. our buildings use 50% less energy for heating and cooling. this saves you money on utilities and eliminates millions of pounds of harmful emissions from the environment.

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on-site assembly will then cost in the region of £20-£25 per sq metre of sips. for providing internal floors using eco-joists and overlaid with flooring add a further £35 per sq metre surface. these are representative charges one may expect to pay, but these could vary from house design to house design depending upon maximum panel length

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how much do structural insulated panels cost? when it comes to the building of an entire house, structural insulated panels are thought to compare very favourably to standard brick built homes. this is mostly down to the reduced time that it takes for the main part of the home to be built.

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how much will my sip building kit cost ? you are thinking about building your next project with structural insulated panels and would like to know how to budget the cost of your project. the cost of your building kit will depend on a number of factors including the performance level of the building kit required for your project.

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structural insulated panels costs sip panel prices; cost of sip panels calculator, and pricing charts. there are four areas of cost that affect the price of a sip panel. first is the manufacturing costs. this is the price the manufacturers gives you for your project. loaded with hidden costs, it is the one you have the least amount of control over. then there are the shipping costs, the installation costs, and lastly the maintenance costs.

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manufacturers of structural insulated panels uk simply sips offer a unique opportunity if you are considering making you own garden studio, garden office, garden room etc. we are a small, lincolnshire based business, that will manufacturer your sips panels to your exacting standards, allowing you to be able to assemble your project quickly and

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sips eco panels - premier sip panel manufacturer. sips eco panels is the largest high performance, award winning sip structural insulated panels home manufacturer in scotland. our company prides itself on certification, excellent customer service and competitive pricing.

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our structural insulated panels sips are tried and tested in the uk to offer a faster, more affordable improved sip build solution to anyone wishing to undertake a build project from self builders to homeowners, providing a cost effective avenue for property developers of all sizes.

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sips clays is the leading uk provider of structural insulated panels.sip panels or sips panels as they are more commonly known, are a key component of eco-friendly building and are fast becoming recognised as one of the most efficient construction methods around.

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the structural insulated panel sip system offers a low price wall and roof panel system, to ensure we able to market the product at a low cost and therefore ensuring we have the ability to create a the best priced and lowest cost sip panel build system for sale in the uk property construction and self build sector.