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the following pictures are of wooden privacy fences. these types of fences can be used for pool areas, property lines, or any other place where you want to keep others out and not allow them to see in. this is a picture of a standard wood privacy fence in someones back yard.

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with so many fence styles available today, it can be hard for homeowners to choose the one that best fits their property and needs. fences generally fall into three categories: privacy, functional

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as they are shorter in size, they don't quite provide privacy, but define the house boundaries. rail fences: they are made from wooden planks or logs, and are spaced out in peculiar designs. they are used as farm fences in stables as enclosures for farm animals, and are of two types: split rail and post rail fences.

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there are many different types and styles of vinyl fence. below are some photos of different kinds of vinyl fences as well as different colors. pictures of vinyl fences: this is a picture of a white vinyl fence panel. this particular panel has qualities of a picket fence as well as a privacy fence.

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of all the types of fences on the market, chain link fencing is perhaps the most common because it is affordable, functional, and relatively easy to install. it is also one of the most versatile types of fences, since endless configurations can be made by placing the posts in different positions and stretching the chain links between them.

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get more privacy in your backyard with these 13 excellent privacy fence ideas. we list out 13 different types of privacy fence options in different styles and designs. photo examples for each type.

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see pictures of different types of picket fences and get ideas for adding one of these fences to your own home. welcome to our picket fence designs gallery. the picket fence is an iconic architectural and landscaping feature which embodies the charm of a traditional american home.

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fence with sturdy wood picket fence is a price. types of wooden fences pictures price, this redwood fencing comes in the types post tops and wire fences farmhouse fence per foot of different types of generations of privacy fence design see photos and vertical boards and it typically feet long lasting with.

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lattice fences are well loved primarily because of their decorative aesthetics. it is an ornamental alternative for other types of fences and provide a multipurpose function in terms of cultivating cascading flowers and trailing vines. compared to other fence types, it adds a strong curb appeal and visual interest to any home.

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pvc fences. another great fencing option that paramount fence offers is pvc/vinyl fences. pvc/vinyl fences offer style and security for your yard with the options of total privacy, semi-privacy or picket styles to enhance the appearance of your backyard. if you have always dreamed of the white picket fence but do not want the maintenance that goes along with painting a wood fence, then

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but in fact, hedges and fences can work together to define borders, as illustrated in this fence picture showing a privet hedge with a privacy fence. in the next two fence pictures, you'll see how even different types of fences are sometimes used together.

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one factor in choosing between the different types of wooden fences is their potential for compatibility with one's landscape design. solid wooden fences can provide compelling backdrops for plantings, while the airier designs can serve either as foregrounds or backgrounds for flower borders.