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2015 irc deck ledger bolt placement protradecraft

the bolts were usually about two inches below the top and above the bottom of the ledger. when the 2009 code passed, a table was added to the book which specified a few things 1:33 : a 2 inch no-bolt zone at the end of a board: either at the end of the deck, or where two boards meet in the middle to form a long ledger.

five ledger board techniques detailed diagrams

five ledger board techniques explained and illustrated. any one of these five ledger connection methods, properly installed, will give you a reliable, long lasting deck that is secure. this is a time consuming process and should be done while the house is being constructed to simplify the process and reduce costs.

attach-a-deck ledger mounting system - fine homebuilding

the conventional way to do this is with stacks of washers, plastic spacers or wood blocks. attach-a-deck engineers the space into the attachment device and provides a fastening schedule based on the depth of a deck. attach-a-deck works great for mounting a ledger over existing siding.

simpson deck ledger spacer deck ledger spacers . deck ledger board spacers are easy to install and provide a larger bearing surface area than washers. begin by cutting the ledger board to length and laying out the joist locations. the next step is to temporarily attach the ledger board and drill your bolt holes in between the joist locations.

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how it works. there are 4 different options to choose from when ordering your pergola. our basic 9ft x 9ft standard building block system is designed to be extendable in a simple and easy way, proving that you do not need to be a construction engineer to install one

how to attach a ledger to a brick wall

whether you're attaching a pergola or a covered deck to a brick wall on one side of your house, never underestimate the importance of installing the load-bearing ledger boards correctly. mounting a ledger flush against a wall spreads the weight of the load over a larger area and supplies the

deck2wall spacer black polypropylene spacer 2-1/2 in

decks unlimited - black polypropylene spacer 2-1/2 in. diameter 5/8 in. thick 12 per bag - 11/16 in. diameter bolt hole accepts up to a 5/8 in. hex bolt for extra heavy loads. injection molded glass fiber filled polypropylene.

step 3. attaching the ledger board to - perfect pergolas

step 3. attaching the ledger board to the house fig 10 starting at one end, prepare the ledger board for the joist hangers by measuring 250mm and marking with a pen on the lower edge of the ledger board. this will be where the first 'outside wall' of the first joise hanger should be positioned.

deck2wall spacer reinforced plastic deck ledger spacer

deck2wall spacer reinforced plastic deck ledger spacer, it's one of those simple products that i can't say much about other then it seems sturdy and spaced the deck /ledger board. will it last as long as the deck well i don't know time will let me know that but so far so good. you could make your own spacers but for the time and effort for

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apr 15, 2017- explore patrickm1416's board 'deck ledger board' on pinterest. see more ideas about deck, building a deck and deck construction.

how to attach a deck ledger to the house - fine homebuilding

no ledger board should be installed with siding between it and the rim joist of the house. in my opinion, he says, a ledger board needs to be attached to the rim with lags or thru bolts. a pair 3 x 3 x 3/16 galvinized bearing plates make great spacers. the ledger should be protected by a flashing, with the siding overlapping the

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help installing pergola ledger board. help. half the pergola is attached to the house via a ledger board attached directly over the stucco exterior. it appears to have been screwed to the wall with two screws every 3' or so. other sites say that it can be attached over the stucco using washers behind the ledger board as spacers.