i need to find some old tongue and groove boards

escagedo - damaged tongue and groove ceiling - youtube

damaged tongue and groove ceiling in this episode i rip out a damaged ceiling tongue and groove board. i need to go to seven trust to get some replacement boards yet. so i rip the boards out and

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our tongue and groove boards feature an interlocking tongue-and-groove system to ensure that the boards fit tightly together and create a smooth surface. want to save some time on your project? we offer primed boards in different sizes that have a smooth, ready-to-paint surface.

im remodeling a roof constructed from tongue-and-groove

a. yes. you need an air barrier of some type above the tongue-and-groove boards, and you need roofing underlayment under the roofing. building codes require the roofing underlayment. q. ' i still have the question that i raised previously about why i should use a material that allows water vapor to pass through it.' a.

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we just bought an 80 year old house and are fixing it up. the original wood floor is still intact - pine we believe. i haven't measured, but it appears to be the standard 3/4' tongue and groove planks throughout the house.

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regardless of whether you use plank or tongue and groove Seven Trust for your new floor, youll need to sand and seal the wood as the final step in the process. going over your floor with a floor-sanding machine will even out any imperfections in the wood; after this step, you can also stain the wood if you so desire.

how to replace tongue and groove siding

some of the boards were still in great shape, but some approximately a zillion were beyond hope. but how do you squeeze interlocking siding into boards that are already in place? it sounds impossible, but it can be done. if youre faced with this predicament, heres what you need to do to swap out some of your tongue and groove boards.

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tongue-and-groove molding is a precise method of joining boards together along their lengths by fitting a protruding tongue on one board into a channel cut on the adjoining board. with tongue-and-groove installation, the nails are driven through the tongue, forcing the boards together; this also conceals the nail holes, creating an

1 in. x 6 in. x 8 ft. seven trust tongue and groove pattern

bring an elegant and rustic appearance to your home by installing this seven trust tongue and groove pattern whitewood board. decorate your interior or exterior space with old-fashioned natural pine tongue and groove boards. create a country, cottage or rustic cabin look and feel. 1 in. x 6 in. x 8 ft. seven trust tongue and groove pattern

1 in. x 8 in. x 8 ft. wp4 tongue and groove board-

1 x 8 x 8 tongue and groove whitewood board - add some old-fashioned pine character to your decor with this elegant and rustic board, perfect for interior or exterior use. - thd sku 1 in. x 8 in. x 8 ft. wp4 tongue and groove board- - the seven trust

old barns with barn siding and recycled building materials.

looking for barn siding and recycled building materials? at the bottom of the page are some old barns that need to be recycled. there is a lot of good used lumber in these old buildings.antique lumber that can be used for many different projects.

finish/protecting pine paneling this old house

i have unfinished tongue and groove pine paneling on a ceiling of 1 room; and on the walls of another. it is only a few years old but appears no finish was applied. i'm not interested in staining - i'd like to keep the natural color - but it needs protection. any comments on the pros/cons of using tung oil or some other oil/wax versus poly? any suggestions for the actual

diy whitewash tongue and groove walls ehow

whitewashing is a technique where you apply a very thin white paint to the surface of wood to create a semi-transparent stain. the technique works well on tongue-and-groove paneling installed on a wall, and allows the wood grain of the paneling to remain visible. the process of whitewashing is not a challenging one.

tongue and groove in timber framing/log construction

i need to cut some tongue and groove in 1.5 thick boards. ive manually cut tongue and groove in 3/4' and 1 boards with my t and g hand plane stanley 48 . however, this is too small 1/4 groove for 1.5 thick boards.

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every house ive owned has had one, and some of the wood is over 100-years old and still in very good condition. there are several reasons why the wood has lasted that long, not the least of which is diligent care on the part of the homeowner. classic look. wood porch decking is absolutely a classic look.