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call us on 0800 009 4201 or 0330 016 5099. call us free on 0800 009 4201 we are number 1 for microchip cat flaps. call us free on 0800 009 4201 we fit dog flaps into: wood, upvc, metal and glass doors. call us free on 0800 009 4201 glass installation specialists with a 3 year guarantee. call us free on 0330 016 5099.

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catflap door contact form. both these doors can be supplied with free fitting anywhere in the north east and come in 5 awesome colour variations. the only things not included in the price is the cat. we fit staywell magnetic cat flaps as standard and these are included in the price. you may supply your own flap if you wish

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we stock a range of cat flap and dog door options and are happy to advice the best option for you and your pet. if you are looking for a more cost effective option for a half glass upvc door then your glass can be replaced with a upvc panel and the cat flap fitted that way instead.

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fitting a cat flap in a simple upvc door is far easier than fitting one in a composite door, and if you get it wrong, replacing your door could be expensive. if youre thinking about ordering a door, or youd like to try to fit a cat flap to an existing door, contact hamiltons for more advice on your options.

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can a cat flap be fitted in a composite door? one question we are regularly asked by customers is whether or not a cat flap can be fitted in a composite door. the good news for pet lovers is that it is possible, but it is best to do it when you have the door made.

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retrofitting a cat or dog flap to a composite door. if you already have a composite door and youre thinking of retrofitting a dog/cat flap on it, there are several good reasons not to, such as: any cat or dog flaps added to the door after its been installed will invalidate its warranty. therefore, if youre on the market for a composite door, make sure to request if youd like a cat or dog flap fitted during the enquiry stage.

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re: fitting a cat flap into a composite door « reply 9 on may 24, 2012, 03:47:19 pm by davedrfc just had a go at it myself, big mistake, turns out the outer skin on the door is metal not wood, oops

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cat flap in composite door. i am very good at diy and would rather do this job myself as i have fitted one before in a wooden door. make a template of catflap, make sure its level and d round it, drill holes in the 4 corners, cut out using jigsaw, fit cat flat and silicon around edges. can anyone tell me what i might be cutting through

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fitting a cat flap to a composite door composite doors are generally built to be more weatherproof, secure and energy efficient than standard doors, which means it can be more difficult to make any diy alterations, but not impossible.

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the whole appeal of a composite door lies in its robust burglar-frustrating sturdiness, and there are those who may well say that putting a cat flap in this type of door takes away its best qualities. having said that, with no glass in a composite door, a secure lock should remove any possibility that the cat flap will compromise your pad.

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composite doors feature solid Seven Trust timber cores and robust coloured thermo-plastic skins, which means they are more secure, energy efficient and weather resistant than standard doors. i fitted a cat flap in mine nearly 20 years ago and its still in place tho not in use any longer and i covered with plastic inside to stop drafts .

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infrared cat flaps are more expensive but they give your more control over which animal enters your property through the cap flap. these cap flaps work with an infrared key that needs to matches the one of your pet, in order for the pet door to open.

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there are also a practical reason to if you have a composite door, installing a cat flap into it could invalidate the warranty. it is worth noting that its very hard to seal to manufacturer standard once you have cut the hole for the cat flap installation in a composite door.

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our cat flap fitter can supply and fit into upvc door panels, glass doors, wooden doors, aluminium doors, composite doors, porches, conservatories, patio doors and french doors. cat flap installations - we fit for you

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cat flaps for solidor composite doors we have been asked many times over the years if you can fit a cat flap to a composite door - the answer is yes when you choose timber composite doors we can route for any cat flap or dog flap of your choice, all we need is the cut out size.

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cat flap installations. our cat flap fitter is now covering a large part of the uk. we fit for you are the number one choice for value, speed, competence and reliability. we fit cat flaps into: upvc door panels; glass doors; wooden doors; aluminium and metal skinned doors; composite doors; porches; conservatories; windows; double/single glazed units; sliding patio doors

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perth composite doors with catflaps. all pet doors and pet flaps come with manufacturers warranty and are pre fitted in our factory to ensure a correct installation. we also have a fully glazed composite door that has the option of a glass fitting cat flap, where we have a hole pre cut into the glass, which ensures the neat and tidy installation

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cat flap fitted in a composite door . cat flap fitter can cut hole for a cat flap in a composite door the same day as contacted. composite doors come either with a plastic or a steal skins and filled with high density foam, for insulation. unlike upvc doors they come with a wood grain feel and can be painted any colour you like.

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its generally quite strhtforward to fit a cat flap in a panel of a wooden door. a suitably sized rectangular hole is cut with a jigsaw, reciprocating or circular saw. special provision must be made where the door panel comprises tongue and groove boards, or where decorative beading interferes with the area occupied by the cat flap.