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how to resurface concrete patios

instructions for resurfacing a concrete patio: in most cases, you will add the water using a garden hose. however, if you are resurfacing your concrete patio on a cool day and the surface area that you need to cover is fairly small, you can bring out heated water from your house to speed the setting time.

refacing my cement front steps

new house front steps garage 47 ideas concrete to brick front steps - home sweet home - when we moved into this house, there was indoor/outdoor carpet covering the front steps. it was nasty, worn, and drooping with holes along the front e there's something to be said about adding a little curb appeal to your home.

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if you have a ground-level deck or patio and would like a bit of privacy, consider building a living wall. it can shield you from the neighbors, surround you with flowers and provide fresh herbs just steps away from your kitchen or grill.

resurfacing concrete patios

resurfacing patios. gray microtopping and glass enhance a concrete patio when resurfacing this patio with a charcoal-gray microtopping added drama while making the surface easier to clean and maintain. the dark gray made the perfect backdrop for the ocean-blue glass tile that runs like rivulets through the patio and encircle a fire bowl.

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to keep grass from encroaching on the patio, you can use landscape edging, treated wood or bricks as a border. line the area with landscaping fabric to block the weeds and allow it to drain. spread the gravel so it is 4 to 5 inches thick, and pack it in tightly with a tamper.

15 beautiful concrete patio ideas and designs

elevation architects designed the home, patio, and landscape for this charming modern house in healdsburg, california. the concrete slabs were poured in place and acid washed. those stripes of green ground cover are elfin thyme, which grows quickly, stays compact, and can be walked on. the patio is framed with white, gray, and black pea gravel.

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restore outdoor concrete. restore concrete by resurfacing it with an overlay to bring new life to your home or yard. whether you want to improve the look of your patio, or cover up cracks in your driveway, resurfacing is a great option for outdoor concrete. choose the surface you desire to transform below to learn more, get design ideas,

concrete patio resurfacing and overlays

concrete patio resurfacing. resurfacing an already existing patio is becoming a popular option for backyard transformations. if your patio is fairly sound, meaning there are no large, uneven cracks, then your surface is a good candidate for a concrete overlay.

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a stamped overlay allows for the resurfacing of a concrete surface with a thin layer of cement, usually between ¼- and ¾-inch thick. it is easier to install than traditional stamped concrete but has a similar appearance so the surface can be imprinted with a variety of designs that mimic the look of tile, rock, slate, wood, brick and other natural materials.

61 backyard patio ideas

everyone needs some great inspiration when it comes to backyard patio ideas and we have 61 ideas below. you can plant flowers, trees and edible gardens to spruce it up. you can plant flowers, trees and edible gardens to spruce it up.

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transform your old concrete into a deluxe finish with any colour and decorative pattern. call 1300 914 990 for our professional concrete resurfacing services in sydney today slight contrast at edge of patio, interesting our concrete resurfacing is a cost effective option for spoiled concrete. see more

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if your porch is a drab, gray concrete slab, you may be ready to give it a facelift. a concrete resurfacing compound is sufficient for covering minor cracks, providing a smooth surface. however, to add more color and design to your entryway, consider other resurfacing options that create the appearance of tile, natural stone or wood.

25 best porch makeover ideas and projects for 2019

porches come in all shapes and dont have to have the wraparound porch of a southern plantation to entertain adequately outside. our list of porch remodel ideas includes concepts suitable for everything from a concrete slab to a stoop to a four season room.

resurfacing concrete patios

resurfacing with a cement-based overlay or microtopping is a great option for adding a decorative touch to an existing concrete patio while covering up minor flaws and discoloration. after the overlay is applied to the existing concrete, it can then be stamped, stained, stenciled or engraved to add color or simulate the look of brick, stone

how to give a tile facelift to an ordinary concrete porch

how to give a tile facelift to an ordinary concrete porch. if you have a plain concrete porch, consider laying tile to give it a whole new look. make sure you select a tile that is appropriate for outdoor use. to ensure a clean surface and proper bond, it is recommended that you clean the concrete with warm water and tsp trisodium

concrete patio resurfacing and overlays

concrete patio resurfacing. once applied a variety of decorative options can be added to give color, texture and even slip resistance to your new' patio. some resurfacing systems adapt for stamping and stenciling so you can get the look of texture or stone without having to remove or replace any part of your patio.

how to repair a cracked and old cement patio before and after

today we are sharing how to repair a cracked and old cement patio. living with four generations under one roof poses many challenges, one being personal space. we took the opportunity this summer to makeover our deck and power-wash the patio and pool area. the patio has been neglected and seriously damaged through the winter storms but my dad

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mix concrete resurfacing powder and waterfollowing manufacturer's instructionsin a 5-gallon bucket with a drill and paddle mixer. saturate the patio surface with water, but remove any areas of standing water. pour the patio resurfacing compound onto the patio, and spread with a long-handle squeegee. the mixture should be 1/16 to 1/8 inch thick.

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patio resurfacing ideas our unique rubberized polymer overlays can be crafted in a variety of styles and are engineered to resist damaging uv exposure and freeze-thaw conditions. extend the look and feel of your interior Seven Trust floors outside with a wood plank overlay so your patio looks like a real wood deck, or dramatically change the space with old world-flair by choosing a simple roman slate texture in gray.

how to resurface worn concrete

how to resurface worn concrete. before resurfacing, strip off any paint or sealers and watch the weather. temperatures should remain above 50 degrees f for 8 hours after the pour and above freezing for 24 hours after that. resurfacing takes most of a day, but your walkway will be back in pristine shape once you're done.