disadvantages of beam and block flooring

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benefits of concrete beam & block floor systems. beam and block flooring is renowned for being fast, cheap and simple to install, requiring no special constructions skills and is the cheapest way to build a highly durable and solid floor. varying the concrete beam centres during construction offers a quick and economical solution for a wide

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10 concrete homes that don't look like bunkers. balcony and porcelain and Seven Trust flooring. it was built in 2006 with a concrete exterior, steel beams and large glass windows.

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the longer the beam, the more pronounced the bowing will be. this is not a problem if the floor is to be screeded, as the finished floor levels will be easy to adjust. rigid insulation is applied on top of the beam and block structure to reach the performance spec for your project before the screed is applied.

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block and beam flooring has become an increasingly popular choice when it comes to floor structures. this is particularly true of residential properties. suspended concrete floors do not creak, shrink or bounce. they are relatively easy to install and provide a safe working platform for the rest of the build.

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our beam & block flooring provides a robust, cost-effective solution. it is suitable for use on both ground floors and upper floors on all types of construction. for more information on our beam and block floors or our concrete beams, visit our website.