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buy marcs book, when i first ventured into the world of hand tools, i assumed i would eventually need every bench plane available. chris schwarz taught me that all i really needed were planes that satisfied the three basic classifications of coarse, medium and fine. over time, i came to realize that a well-tuned low-angle jack plane

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mini wood planer hand tool, kattool flat bottom wood plane tool hand plane wood trimming plane for woodworking, wood planing surface smoothing, with 1 planer blade and 1 metal fixer 17 price $ 48 . 95

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planes to buy and planes you best avoid. those were the days before flush cut router bits came in and plastic laminate work was very nearly an art form all of its own where all edges and corner were planed with a block plane first to remove the bulk and then hand filed and to create a slightly radiused camber rather than merely bevelled.

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slow adjusters for bevel-up planes the fine thread on this norris-style adjuster slows blade advancement, making it easier to set blade projection precisely jointer fence

what to look for when buying vintage hand planes

what to look for when buying vintage hand planes. on stanley bench planes made after 1907, there will be an adjustment bolt that engages a small plate attached to the bottom rear of the frog. this enables fine forward/backward adjustments to the frog, which has an effect similar to closing the throat of the plane for fine cuts.

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today i wanted to answer a common question when it comes to hand planes - which one should you buy first? choosing your first hand plane for woodworking sharpening and setting the bench

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it can do all the tasks that a low angle block plane can do witch everyone should have plus work as a rabbit plane. then get a low angle jack or 5 ½ bench plane and tune it up as a supper smoother. if you need to do rough work you can buy an extra blade and put a heavy camber on it for the rough stuff.

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buy a smoothing bench plane. smoothing planes are the traditional bench plane of choice for leaving a finished surface that is usually vastly superior to sandpaper. the body is much shorter than a jack plane and jointer plane, which allows the body to move with any hills or valleys in the wood.

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hand plane buying guide. hand planes definitely have a place in a modern woodworkers arsenal. when working large projects, its hard to compete with the speed and accuracy of power tools such as jointer or planer. however, properly tuned hand planes can give you superior results when it comes to smoothing and other fine work.

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again, these planes are also generally only purchased by the dedicated hand tool woodworker. different types of hand planes. theres basically two types of hand planes, bench planes for smoothing and flattening wood and specialty planes for making special cuts such as dados, rabbets, and shaping edges.

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buy collectible woodworking planes on ebay. whether you are a woodworking professional or amateur enthusiast, the condition, rarity, and desirability of vintage hand planes are all factors to consider when making your next purchase.

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all of our bench planes have manganese bronze caps and frogs, and cherry knobs and handles, hand shaped and buffed to a silky smooth finish. iron tools are cast from ductile iron, a very strong alloy that will take a lot of abuse.