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adding a floor to a 14 lund aluminum boat

i own a 14 deep v lund fishing boat 3 bench seats riveted on currently. i would like to add a floor to the inside of the boat and a casting dock up front and am wondering if anyone has experience doing this. im assuming a marine grade plywood/marine carpet is the way to go? also is riveting the way to fasten it?

craft-bilt aluminum waterproof decking made in canada

install decking material on sleepers and forget about it. light-weight aluminum decking is ideal for this task since it will not add appreciable weight to the roof structure and it may help to extend the life of your existing commercial roof membrane. marine decking. our aluminum decking has non-skid finish.

what are the different types of pontoon decking?

for this reason, most aluminum decking is also covered with a carpet that will absorb the sunlight while not attracting it, thus keeping passengers cool. some composite boats also use composite or a wood and composite mixture as decking materials. the composite decking is a strong alternative to solid wood decking and is also much lighter. a

3 types for boat flooring

3 types for boat flooring by nowadays there are a lot of different materials that can be used as boat flooring, among which are aluminum, wood, and fiberglass. these are the most commonly used materials for boat flooring. all of these materials have various advantages and disadvantages. ideally, before you opt for a particular material you

flooring options for aluminum boat

anyone did anthing special with the flooring in an aluminum boat? i have a 14', 72' wide across the top, aluminum boat that i am going to put a floor in. looking for ideas different than a wood floor.

alternative flooring pontoon boats 101

alternative flooring, aluminum and composite floors. several anufacturers had aluminum floors in the past, but their popularity has been off and on. it was claimed that they were discontinued because of cost, even though in the modern era pontoon boats seem to be built with no concern whatsoever for cost.

newby replacing aluminum boat's floor boat design net

this is a common subject on every site, what to do with a sole floor in an aluminum boat. you can go all the way with the best materials and it may last a very long time, but if you only need it to last 5 years or so you can get by at a very low cost.