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at taracon precast, we know that having strong and durable flooring is critical to creating a successful building structure. our prestressed hollowcore slabs are designed for use primarily as structural flooring components, however, they can also be used as roof deck components in buildings that have one or multiple levels.

why hollowcore?

pretensioned concrete allows for shallower elements, reducing the amount of steel and concrete needed. as they can achieve long spans unsupported, this can also reduce the need for other supporting frame elements, such as columns and beams. cores that run longitudinally through hollow core slabs mean that up to around 50% of the floor is void.

prestressed concrete deck slab

find your prestressed concrete deck slab easily amongst the 27 products from the leading brands rector, on archiexpo, the architecture and design specialist for your professional purchases. prestressed precast hollow core slab system is one of the most widely and popularly used precast concrete flooring system in the building industry.

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established in 1983 echo boasts more than 30 years experience in the design manufacture, delivery and installation of hollow-core floors and walls, reinforced hollow-core concrete floor slabs and prestressed hollow-core concrete floors, security and retaining walls.

hollow core

hollow core slabs, or plank, are precast prestressed concrete components typically used as structural floor or roof deck systems in single and multi-story buildings. to reduce weight and provide a more efficient product, the planks are cast with continuous voids that run the length of the panel.

analysis of hollowcore concrete floor slabs under fire

precast prestressed hollowcore concrete floor systems have become very common in new zealand and in many other countries. hollowcore concrete floor systems consist of several hollowcore concrete slabs with or without a layer of reinforced concrete topping.


our precast hollowcore slabs feature high-strength, pre-stressing strands embedded in slipformed concrete. as the name implies, strategically engineered longitudinal cores run the length of the slabs, reducing the overall weight and increasing the ability to handle greater loads or span greater distances.

hollow core exeed precast

exeed precast hollow core slabs are prestressed concrete elements that are cast with advanced extrusion technology to be used as floor and roof deck systems, partition walls as well as boundary wall panels.

topfloor concrete, hollow-core and precast floors

topfloor hollow-core concrete floor panels have been an important contributor to the growth of the building and construction industry in the western cape since 1997. that role has been strengthened through the acquisition of topfloor by the echo group, south africas largest and longest-established prestressed and precast floor manufacturer.

floors and roofs

solid slabs are used as structural deck components similar to hollow-core slabs. they can be made in a long-line pre-tensioning facility and reinforced with prestressing strand or cast in individual forms with either prestressing strand or conventional reinforcing bars. they are typically cast in the same position as used in the structure.

design tables and charts

the following sections from the pci design handbook include interaction curves, load tables, and section properties for various precast concrete components. you can access tables from previous editions of the handbook as well as the current edition. for additional explanations on using these tables, refer to the respective handbook editions.

hollow-core slab

a hollow core slab, also known as a voided slab, hollow core plank or simply a concrete plank is a precast slab of prestressed concrete typically used in the construction of floors in multi-story apartment buildings.the slab has been especially popular in countries where the emphasis of home construction has been on precast concrete, including northern europe and former socialist countries of

fixing systems for precast hollow core slabs

hollow core slab fixing systems the fischer hollow ceiling slab anchor fhy has been developed specially for fastenings in hollow core slabs of prestressed concrete. it is designed for use with standard bolts or threaded rods with metric threads from m6 to m10. the fhy is installed flush with the concrete surface. when the bolt or the nut is

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strescore, inc. produces ultra-span prestressed hollow-core slabs. the strescore hollowcore system utilizes the compressive strength of concrete with the high tensile strength of steel strand. slabs are produced at the factory under rigid quality control conditions, then shipped to the job site for incorporation into the structure, for a proven

hollow core plank flexicore and extruded hollow core slab

primarily used for floors and roof decks, hollow core is a precast slab of prestressed concrete designed for greater structural efficiency. molin concrete offers two types of hollow core plank: flexicore and extruded. our product options give you the design flexibility you need while reducing your lead time. benefits/advantages:

pci manual for the design of hollow core slabs

chapter 8 -- guide specification for precast, prestressed hollow core slabs ..8--1 references index. fcir = net compressive stress in concrete at centroid of prestressed reinforcement at time of initial prestress spandrel members and bridge deck units. an understanding of the methods used to

hollowcore precast concrete concrete planks and slabs

spancrete hollowcore precast concrete planks and slabs are fire resistant, reduce weight and costs. learn more and see projects with hollowcore slabs. serving as a combined deck and ceiling system, the planks erect quickly to reduce on-site labor needs and are capable of spanning long open spaces to aid design flexibility. hollowcore can