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the bench is 2.25 m long, 0.79 m wide and 0.88 m tall. to give an idea of scale, the plane on the bench is a stanley 5½. i like the slightly taller bench and intend to add a moxon vice using the offcuts and spare wood from the bench components. i’ve no idea what the weight is but it’s very substantial this bench isn’t going to move!

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this little nasty has a foot fetish. the threadworm, a.k.a. strongyloides, is oddly attracted to the soles of the feet. maybe that's why mom always made us put on shoes in the backyard. the

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different types of wood (from different kind of trees such as brazilian cedar, cypress, maple, indian and madagascar rosewood or central european fir tree) are seen in felipe conde's storehouse

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various types of benches are specifically designed for and/or named after specific uses, such as: church benches and pews inside places of worship, which are sometimes equipped with an additional kneeling bench. church benches and pews can come in various styles including traditional, modern and curved to match and complement the architectural styles and spaces of places of worship.

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we have hundreds of deck pictures with various designs. search by material, type of deck, railings and features to get the inspiration and ideas you need for your dream deck at

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we’ve put together this handy guide to help you choose which type of wood is right for your furniture. with our guide we’ll give you the low down on some of the most popular wood types available and explain their different characteristics as well as the differences between hard and softwood, grains and colour.

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the studio/workshop of spike tv's "deadliest warrior" is decorated with the historic weapons featured in the show. based on death-dealing devices used everywhere from feudal china to the european

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we found out strht from the experts what makes each of these three types of vanilla the same, or different, from the next in hopes that you won’t ever have to put baking a cake on hold to debate this ingredient choice ever again.

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check out our amazing collection of 60 garden bench ideas for your garden and yard. all types - big, small, wood, metal, concrete and more. 60 garden bench ideas (photos) wood bench: the most common type of garden bench, found in many gardens, wooden benches can easily be made in sizes and shapes suitable for the landscape.