deck is turning black

deck stain turned black best deck stain reviews ratings

year 2, deck was looking as if needed reapplication (wear in higher traffic areas). reapplied penofin red rosewood oil, with correct wiping technique, but deck remained very tacky for many days after application, then began to turn black. now deck has some black mildew growing.

why is my deck getting black all over it after i treated

hello. i am from tn, and about 7 or 8 /- months ago i treated my deck with mccloskey storm coat semi transparent deck and siding stain. now the deck is turning black all over. i tried pressure washing it off, but the spots will not come up. i tried simple cleaners, but they are bringing the stain up. will i have to strip and re do my deck? or is there any way to fix it without having to re do

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q: my redwood deck, which has never had any type of waterproofing or other protective coating put on it, always turns black after i power wash it. whatever this black stuff is, it comes off on

my deck stain turned black best deck stain reviews ratings

update for 2019: my deck stain turned black. we appreciate when people write in and ask for advice when something goes wrong during their deck staining projects. today we talk about what causes your deck stain to turn black after a year or two and what to do to get rid of the problem.

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what are the black stains on my deck and how do i get rid

what are the black stains on my deck and how do i get rid of them? the black stains on redwood are caused by the very thing that makes redwood resistant to bugs. tannic acid is contained the lumber. when it comes in contact with any metal, a black stain will form. in addition , over time, redwood will trun a grayish color because of tannic acid.