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cover it. before applying the tile, you'll need to clean and patch your concrete floor so the surface is smooth. while the tile already has adhesive on the back, you should apply a floor primer recommended by the manufacturer to seal the concrete's pores so the tile adheres more effectively. once the floor is primed,

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tile is cheap for materials cost and installing it over concrete is about as easy as it can get. you don't have to worry about minor imperfections with the floor, and is a dyi project you could do yourself.

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options to cover concrete flooring surfaces. these types of materials are usually applied through a hopper gun under pressure. a fist scratch or 'grout coat' is applied. once the first coat is dry, adhesive backed stencils are laid out over the floor. a second color or wear coat is spray applied over the stencil,

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whomever poured and finished the floor did a rotten job. most people would not accept or pay for work of that poor quality. you should not have to incur expense or effort just to compensate for poor workmanship. i once had a basement floor poured

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the cheapest way to seal a concrete floor written by jann seal; updated august 09, 2019 there was a time when concrete was a home-building material relegated to foundations, basements and garage

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ceramic tile covers small cracks and defects in the concrete, but you must grout between the joints and seal the tile against spills or moisture. rubber and foam mats rubber and foam mats make an attractive and softer basement floor, usually comparable in price to vinyl or linoleum.

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ceramic tile. it can withstand floods and all manners of abuse. and it can go directly over concrete in many cases. since you're looking at cheap basement flooring options, your choices largely will be limited to glazed ceramic tile, but you might also find some porcelain tile that fits your budget.

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inexpensive way to finish concrete floors planning and preparation. the planning and preparation is the most important aspect application. when painting a concrete floor, be sure to use paint designed for concrete floors. finish. allow the painted floor to dry thoroughly and add a sealer to

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cheap basement floors better concrete basement floors. does anyone have a simple, inexpensive solution to covering do your prep work. first, you need to check the floor to see if it can be painted. address moisture and then paint. what will work depends on whether the moisture problem is

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when dry, paint floor with a non yellowing lacquer. cheapest would be indoor outdoor carpet, from hd or seven trusts, better would be tile. acceptable would be paint designed for that purpose and then area rugs you find suitable. hopefully the concrete is in good condition, and you have no leaks.