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what our boat owners have to say this deck boat is the best. the ease of operating, the smooth ride, the ease of loading, the equipment and panel controls are the top of the line. i only wish that we had done this years ago. the dealer is also at the top of the best for knowledge and service.

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i'm considering a deck boat for my next boat, i like the versality of these boats, but i'm wondering how they handle rough water. i primarily boat on the james river and chesepeake bay.

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might depend on the size of deck boat you are considering. there are some 29-34' twin engine decks but most are are in the 26-28' range with single engines. i have had my lavey out in 2-3' wind blown cross chop on a busy saturday in havasu and was able to motor along at a pretty good clip but any bigger water would not have been fun at all.

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the deck boats are nice, but usually have a wider beam and less deadrise to give you that stability at rest and while drifting. even if you can bear the banging and ride, you need to think about what it's doing to your boat. little things inside will start to fail.

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many of the replies were that deck boats should not be taken into the ocean because of their shallow dead-rise some said you need at least 20 degrees . i'd like to get some experienced hurricane owner's take on it.

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deck boats are well-known as boats which can do it all. this includes recreational water sports such as water skiing and water tubing, fishing, and cruising. the term jack of all trades can accurately describe a deck boat. this means that if dont have a one specific activity which you want to do on your boat,

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for watersports enthusiasts, many deck boats come with towing towers for wakeboarding, tow eyes for pulling your kids on tubes or kneeboards. and because its a deck boat, there is a lot of room on either platform. invariably, you want to know what the best deck boats are. relax. its hard to go wrong as long as the boat meets your needs.

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with a deck boat, you have the room to bring even more than you could with, say, a small bowrider. whats more, deck boats can be outfitted with such great features as kitchenettes and head compartments. that means you can stay out all day and lack for nothing. deck boats are among the most versatile boats on the market.

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for the trade wind passages that make up the bulk of bluewater cruising, there should be no argument about whether a suitably prepared production boat will make it across an ocean. for sailors who cant afford or justify one of the high-ticket deluxe cruising boats, its good to know there are plenty of good options among the ranks of

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likewise, there is no such thing as the best fishing boat, best family boat, best center console, or best bay boat. what does exist, however, is a best boat for you for your fishing needs, your cruising needs, your comfort, and your budget.

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types of powerboats and their uses what is an outboard runabout? bass boat. bass boats are generally 14' to 23', and typically used for freshwater fishing. they have low freeboard and a v hull. they are specialized for bass fishing on inland lakes and rivers.

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the deal on deck boats. all deck boats share a few common traits: spacious seating, easy access, generous storage, shallow draft and quick on-plane stability. the easiest way to pick one from a lineup of bowriders is the bow the deck boat is much beamier, or wider, throughout. it's like deciphering a diamond from a heart.

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the term deck boat sounds a bit odd at first, since all boats have decks. when it comes to this genre, however, the deck itself is what the boat is all about. deck boats commonly have a boxier shape than other types of boats, with wide bows that dont come to a point at the front. this

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walkaroundssmaller fishing boats with cabins that have side-decks around the topsides are called walkarounds. theyre a good compromise for many folks who need to have a cabin but also want to reclaim some of the bow area to use for fishing space.

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boat manufacturers have gone to great lengths to blur the lines between bowriders and deck boats, but there are still discernible differences. either model is a good choice for a family boat, but those differences, and your needs, ultimately will determine which one you choose.

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re: is a deck boat accepatable for off shore use? taking a deck boat offshore would be a fool's stunt. only someone very lucky or very, very good and experienced could pull it off. the very, very good and experienced would have to be very drunk or suicidal to try it.

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pontoon boats are ideal for inland lakes and rivers, but that doesnt mean theyre not fit for ocean waters. in fact, theyre often used on the ocean, though generally close to shore and in inter-coastal areas such as bays and inlets. a pontoons seaworthiness and safety on the ocean depends on the boats size, performance, and construction.

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after reading a few books, i plunged in. finally, it was the right decision, for me and if i replayed my story, i would choose a 40ft cat again for my first boat. for me, 40ft 12m , is a good round number, for a minimum size for living aboard and extended ocean cruising.