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since 1993, the alternatives research and development foundation has been a leader in funding new ways to find answers to important scientific questions. we award grants with high scientific merit and the greatest potential to replace and reduce animals.

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of wood products research and partnerships with industry and academic institutions. it will include research in conver-sion processes, wood quality, advanced composites, advanced housing, wood chemistry and physics, microbiology, enzyme technology, chemical engineering, economics, and marketing. products expected include:

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chapter: 4 federal research and development alternatives. topics covered include institutional issues--including regulatory practices at the federal and state levels, the growing trends toward greater competition in the generation of electricity, and nuclear and nonnuclear generation options.

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the cost of facilities, equipment, materials, etc. acquired for research and development purposes is expensed when incurred unless the acquired item has expected future alternative uses either in other research and development undertakings or in ongoing operations, in which case the cost is capitalized.

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wood research and development. we have over 40 years of timber structure data and projects proving our bridge, building, wharf, dock, tower, roofing, dome, and other wood construction methods.

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find 134 synonyms for 'research and development' and other similar words that you can use instead based on 2 separate contexts from our thesaurus. what's another word for what's the opposite of

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the federal r and d tax credit, also known as the research and experimentation r and e tax credit, was first introduced in 1981 as a two-year incentive and has remained part of the tax code ever since. its purpose is to reward u.s. companies for increasing their investment in r and d in the current tax year.

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the embodied energy of wood is very low compared to metals and plastics and is a measure of the fact that the production of metals and plastics is a high-energy intensive process. the embodied energy of wood is largely derived from the energy required to dry the timber.

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wood quality. developing efis will allow for companies to more effectively harvest and provide the right timber to the right mills, providing value-chain optimization in the forest industry. engineered wood products there are numerous companies focused on research and development relating to engineered wood

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under u.s. gaap, all research and development costs are expensed as incurred. therefore, the cost of equipment for current projects and the salaries would be expensed in the current year. the equipment that can be used in future years would be depreciated over its useful life.

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a particular research and development project and that have no alternative future uses in other research and development projects or otherwise and therefore no separate economic values are research and development costs at the time the costs are incurred. b. personnel. salaries, wages, and other related costs of personnel engaged in research and

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research and development r and d is a process by which a company obtains new knowledge and uses it to improve existing products cost of goods manufactured cogm cost of goods manufactured, also known to as cogm, is a term used in managerial accounting that refers to a schedule or statement that shows the total production costs for a company during a specific period of time. and introduce new ones to its operations. r and d is a systematic investigation with the objective of introducing

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design and development of wood-fueled biomass systems; development of alternative fuels and biofuels; developing new types of feedstocks for use in renewable fuel production; development of waste treatment and remediation processes or technologies; engineering of new environmentally friendly petroleum product alternatives

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research-synthesis of wood treatment alternatives for timber railroad structures: development and implementation of an interactive stormwater outreach model and related materials : biological control of purple loosestrife: research projects - geotechnical; active: use of smart rocks to improve rock slope design

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wood utilization research and product development capacity in the united states: a review abstract public and private research focused on wood utilization and product development in the united states is an important source of innovati on required for sustaining the worldwide competitive position of the wood-based industry.

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there may also be research and development arrangements where a third party a sponsor provides funding for the research and development activities of a business. the arrangements may be designed to shift licensing rights, intellectual property ownership, an equity stake, or a share in the profits to the sponsors.