how deep for deck posts in michigan

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because post holes need to be at least 42 inches deep in michigan, we put pieces of plywood over the holes to guard against any person, child or animal falling in and hurting themselves. after the post hole inspection, we are usually free to build the rest of the deck.

msu football projected post-spring depth chart: offense

msu football projected post-spring depth chart: offense which means the next time michigan state will get together in a formal football setting will be at the onset of training camp at the end

should i set deck post footings deeply or use concrete

i am building a deck. how about setting 6x6 p.t. posts down on a concrete footing at 4 feet deep (the frost line here) and fill with gravel and soil, and then let the posts run high for the railings? this is instead of doing concrete piers and setting posts on them above ground.

depth chart for game 5, 2019 - indiana

rpmadmsu said (original post)probably not as he catches passes more with his hands, and uses his arms more in punts. md specifically said one of cw's fumbles was the ball getting caught on the

deck posts -- to bury or not to bury - landscaping

one is to put 12x4 round footers at the bottom of a 42" hole and set the post on that and bury it. some will put the post on the soil, hammer a few nails in the side of the post and pour cement around it. the requirement to bury 42" below grade is because of the frost that would heave the posts and deck if it were on top of grade.

msu football projected game 1 depth chart: offense

coming out of spring ball, we projected michigan state's offensive and defensive depth charts. those early predictions only included the players who were on campus at the time, meaning the