suspended concrete ground floor construction

suspended floors

the prestressing of a concrete floor slab can eliminate its usual deflection below support level. this is achieved either by pre-tensioning, where precast floor units are used, or by post tensioning with steel wire tendons incorporated in an in-situ concrete slab. suspended floors can be constructed in three basic forms:-

suspended concrete floors

suspended concrete floors. there are occasions where due to the ground conditions that a suspended floor is needed rather than a ground bearing slab. these include soil with a low bearing capacity, sloping sites, soils containing aggressive chemicals and those with high water levels marshall and worthing, 2000 .

building an extension 3

building an extension 3 - suspended beam and block floor for constructing ground floors. you can opt for a solid floor which involves laying wet concrete directly onto your ground surface or

whats possible with suspended

millions of square feet of suspended concrete slabs are placed every year in the u.s., much of it on a structural steel frame and metal deck. when the designer specifies these slabs, there is sometimes a misconception that it can meet the same requirements as a slab on ground.

suspended floors vs solid floors

there are two basic ways to make the floors of a building. you can either have a concrete base or a suspended floor, usually made out of timber. there are various pros and cons to these types of floor, some of which impact on the energy efficiency of the building and how you go about insulating them.

floors solid and suspended flooring

suspended floors, and solid floors; a suspended floor is a specialist construction made of a solid concrete floor, a system of sleeper walls and timber joists, upon which sits a supported timber floor. this type of floor allows home owners to run electrical wires and other such elements under the floor boards.

concrete slab

in many domestic and industrial buildings, a thick concrete slab supported on foundations or directly on the subsoil, is used to construct the ground floor. these slabs are generally classified as ground-bearing or suspended. a slab is ground-bearing if it rests directly on the foundation, otherwise the slab is suspended.

introduction to beam and block floors construction

in the uk the building regulations approved documents provide guidance on some of the requirements of ground floors. there are two types of concrete floor system commonly used in residential construction; ground bearing and suspended. in this article we will be focusing on the suspended concrete floor, particularly beam and block floors.

suspended concrete ground floor construction

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steps to building a reinforced concrete ground floor slab

it consists of a flat horizontal surface called beams, vertical members known as columns and flat planes known as slabs which is the floor we step upon. reinforced concrete ground floor slab resting directly on the subsoil or foundation is known as ground-bearing slab while the other slabs found in the building are called suspended slabs.

types of floor

suspended concrete floor. the construction of suspended concrete floors is similar to that of timber but can span greater distances, and offerings better sound insulation properties. a simple reinforced concrete flat slab is not usually economical as a suspended floor spanning over 5 m.

constructing a suspended floor to building regs

constructing a floor ,installing insulation and laying 18mm chip board tongue and groove any questions fire away i always answer music by joakim karud dreams and clouds.

suspended slab subfloor build

they are commonly used to create floors for the upper storeys of houses, but can also be sat on top of pre-constructed walls to form a ground floor. what are suspended slabs made of? suspended slabs are made of concrete and steel mesh, the same as a ground slab. they are normally pre-fabricated offsite, and transported by truck.