attaching a fence gate post to concrete wall

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final step: attach fence to wall once your bold holes are marked, you can make final preparations and install your fencing. install a 1/4-inch drill bit in the power drill.

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welcome to 'wooden gate makers', this short video will show you how to secure your timber posts to your house or walls using our special anchor bolts. no concrete fence post install

options for fence attachment to concrete walls

recommended methods of attaching fence posts to concrete walls. all exposed metal is to be stainless, galvanized, or coated to prevent rust. wood is to be treated. all exposed rebar is to be painted or coated. exposed steel is to be isolated from wall reinforcement. when inserting fixtures into top of wall, shape concrete to drain water away from fixture. 3'-0' maximum height of post above wall.

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you can indeed drill them. i would be tempted to drill through the post in at least two places and use thru bolts to attach timber, from which you can hang your gate. they can shatter if not careful, so use a small drill bit first, then gradually a bigger one. that way you'll probably slide past any re-bar within.

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i am trying to attach a wooden gate to my garage. i can't bury a post because there is a concrete sidewalk there and don't want to have to bust into it. update: the hinge side will be attached to the garage, with the gate spanning a sidewlk and latching onto a post in the ground. the fence will continue another 4 feet to the house.

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related articles. attach two hinges to the gate, evenly spacing them from top to bottom. use either the screws that come with the hinges or 1-inch exterior wood screws. hold the gate against the post, line up the hinges with the post and drive similar screws to hold the gate.

attaching a fence gate post to concrete wall

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attach your post to the adjacent flush concrete wall by inserting a small metal flat bracket into the pre-cut slots that are used for the fence rails on an end post. screw through the bracket, the vinyl and into the flush concrete wall. make sure your post is level and shim as necessary.

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how to hang a gate on a concrete block fence. select a hinge that has screw holes on both sides, such as a strap hinge. strap hinges consist of two flat plates that pivot on a peg-and-column hinge. layout is critical; carefully level and align the anchors to ensure that the hinges' spacing lines up with gate rails.

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it is easily the most stable and strongest way to install a fence on top of a wall. if safety and security are the reason for the fence, this method should strongly be considered. the depth of the hole should be as deep as possible but at least 4 inches. grout not concrete should be used to install posts on top of a wall.

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in the case of a sidewalk, you will typically just install a gate at that point. when it comes to a concrete patio or pad however, you may need to install the fence partially, or entirely on the concrete pad. the good news is that we carry an array of post brackets to mount fence posts to concrete. below we will discuss a few ways to install a fence on a concrete slab.

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the post should support a gate with a maximum width of 36 inches. if you need a wider gate, sink the post into concrete as well as attaching it to the siding. references 2

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you could attach a post base footing, similar to your referenced product, which should be able to fit fairly close to your house exterior wall standard gap is 4' . you should be able to mount your fence post to that on the surface. the tricky part is having a solid enough footing, and anchor to withstand the load of the gate.