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the science behind the existence of wood and polymer is totally different and there hardly be any platform on which both material stands on same side.the main problem is about polymers hydrophobic non-polar and woods hydrophilic polar in nature and this further led to poor adhesion and hence poor strength of composite.

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with accurate statistical patterns and regional classification, we provide you one of the most detailed and easily understandable regional analysis of the global wood plastic composite boards/sheets market. global wood plastic composite boards/sheets market by geography: united states, europe, china, japan, other regions

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ecoste is the leading manufacturer of wood polymer composite and mineral polymer composite boards. our extensive experience has enabled us to gain a competitive advantage in the market. we are a

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the experimental sample, wpc, a commercialized wood plastic composite obtained from a local manufacturer, was milled and sieved to small particles, <250 µm in size. the experimental sample was dried at 80 c for 10 h and kept in a desiccator.

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wood fiber composite wfc , poly wood and pall wood, poly board, wood flex, stock wood and wood plastic. wpc is manufactured by dispersing wood particles into molten plastic with coupling agent or what is the break-even analysis of a wood plastic composite plant? 22. what are the project financials of a wood plastic composite plant? 23

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wood plastic composite. wood components are generally used in sawdust form or small fibers, and typically comprise between 50 and 70 percent of the final wood plastic composite. maple, oak, and pine are common types of sawdust, and tend to be relatively low-cost to obtain.