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we also supply cured tubes, rods and sheets manufactured using above mentioned materials and epoxy/vinyl ester resin. another product we deal in are core materials to be used in making sandwich panels. these include nomex, kevlar and aluminum honeycomb cores and pvc foam core.

corelite pvc

corelite pvc is a universal closed-cell, cross-linked polymer pvc foam formulated for durability, strength, and high processing temperatures. it is compatible with multiple resins and adhesives.

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pvc foam. closed-cell polyvinyl chloride pvc foams are one of the most commonly used core materials for the construction of high performance sandwich structures. although strictly they are a chemical hybrid of pvc and polyurethane, they tend to be referred to simply as pvc foams.

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lightweight, durable, moderately expanded closed cell sheet material. expanded pvc expanded polyvinyl chloride is a lightweight, yet rigid, expanded foam polyvinyl chloride. it is tough and versatile for many visual merchandising and signage applications.

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large selection of pvc foam board sheets in stock now and cut-to-size from eplastics. fast shipping and easy online ordering. satin finish with the smallest and most consistent cell structure makes it ideal to paint or laminate to secondary substrates. closed cell structure and has extremely low water absorption values.

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divinycell foam pvc divinycell is a closed cell medium to high density foam which has high compression strength, durability, and excellent fire resistance. a closed cell medium to high density foam which has high compression strength, durability, and excellent fire resistance. h45 foam core can be used in place of r45 foam, but any

pvc schedule 40 dwv foam core pipe

pvc schedule 40 dwv foam core pipe astm f 891: specification for coextruded poly vinyl chloride pvc plastic pipe with a cellular core. scope: this specification covers coextruded pvc plastic pipe with a cellular core for nonpressure use in an ips schedule 40 series.

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pvc core foam. ydra marine markets high performance pvc core boards characterised by closed-cell crosslink rigid pvc foam. tested material for construction using the sandwich system in a variety of fields: yachts, aviation, wind energy, transportation, sports and artifacts that require both strength and lightness.

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high density white closed cell pvc foam board for cabinet making description: foam pvc sheet is the new manmade material, the main component is pvc, it has the fine chemical stability, anticorrosive and high

gurit pvc

gurit pvc is a closed cell, cross-linked pvc foam. it provides superior strength to weight ratio for all composite applications. other key features of gurit pvc include outstanding chemical resistance, negligible water absorption, and excellent thermal insulation capabilities.

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excelsis design, pack of 15, foam boards acid-free , 16x20 inches many sizes available , 3/16 inch thick mat, white with white core foam core backing boards, double-sided sheets

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cross linked, closed cell pvc foam is the standard by which all other structural foams are measured. it is process friendly, has good strength and stiffness properties, is non-friable and is available in a wide range of densities.

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pvc foam is closed-cell and has very low moisture absorption. it is self-extinguishing and will not rot. other inherent properties are excellent fatigue life and good bond strength with common adhesives and resins. pvc foams are available in a variety of densities from 3pcf to 25 pcf 45kg/m3 to 400kg/m3 .

marine grade foam sheets

our hdu marine-grade foam serves as core material for building transoms, hulls and bulkheads. it also provides an enduring, cost-effective choice for polyurethane boat interiors. boat builders rely on our fr-7100 multi-use core series to insulate fish boxes, bait wells and marine fiberglass bait freezers.

closed-cell pvc foamboard

like pvc, closed-cell pvc foamboard is solid and has a very rigid structure. where it differs is in its closed-cell foam structure, which makes it very light as little as half the weight of solid pvc , highly resistant to moisture and some chemicals, and very easy to cut and shape.