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re: help with travel trailer floor repair tom, sounds like a good plan. you may know this already, but it is my understanding that if you put down wood flooring, it should be of the ''floating design,'' and regidly secured, as in nailed/glue tongue and groove flooring. open roads forum: travel trailers: soft foam core floor

anyway, the trailer has a foam core floor i think it is called about 1/8 luan with 1.5 - 2.0 of styrofoam with another 1/8 luan below. it is wet not sure how wet and spreading. my plan is to remove the flooring, dry it out and glue laminate flooring over the luan.

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wondering about how to replace rotted wood flooring in your rv? read this article to learn how to save money and do it yourself. these 6 simple steps. you can save money buying a used travel trailer, but that doesnt mean you wont run into trouble after the deal closes. sometimes problems only

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a soft spot in the floor of your rvwhether it's a motorhome, pop-up, or camper traileris something you simply cannot ignore. the soft spot usually means a leaking roof or perhaps plumbing problems, either now or at some time in the past.

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hello folks, this was my first rv floor repair job. it began with a 2002 palomino stampede s-17, a 17' hybrid travel trailer. the previous owner used it to attend dog shows and i believe they brought the animals in the camper. you can imagineonce the floor is complete, i have my work cut out for

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plywood is the material of choice for camper construction. the problem with plywood is that it is prone to rotting at the first sign of water. as water seeps in undetected from seams, vents, windows, lights and access panels, it slowly damages the structure of the camper. once you notice soft spots in the floor, walls

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if you will be painting the cabinets in the camper and laying the flooring around them, start by painting. feel free to e-mail me at thepopupprincess if you need specific advice. i love seeing pop up camper makeovers take shape and would love to help you as much as i am able good luck on your summer makeover. we are big on

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heres a closer view. doug did research on the forum and realized that replacing rotted wood flooring in a travel trailer is a 6 step process: probe extent of damage and trace out boundary. cut out badly damaged areas. dry out remaining wood framing. apply mold-killing product. saturate it with thinned epoxy resin.

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usually the problem can be traced back to a water leak thats compromised the integrity of the floor. you can sometimes ignore it for a while, but it can get downright dangerous. having a guest fall through your bathroom floor is not a pleasant thought. replacing a bad spot in the floor is challenging, but not impossible for the do-it-yourselfer.

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finely getting around to replacing my water damaged / rotten floor in my 2007 desert fox af 24 toy hauler . this has been quite a job so far. there is a lot to go into on a repair like this so

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the camper is 23' long and only weighs 2700 s due to the construction of the camper. the floor is mad up of 1 1/2' styrofome sandwiched between 1/4' plywood. well there was a water leak and really rotted the wood and the floor would sag a good 1' or so with every step and i'v been brasing the underside with jacks and boards every time i went camping to keep from falling thru the floor. so this is my first time at attempting to replace a rotten floor in a camper.

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my foam built micro camper: i've decided to build a hard shell camping trailer that will give me the maximum amount of interior room possible and still fit in my garage. i want it to be light weight, well insulated against the heat and cold, and i want to pack as much functi

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repairing your rv floor. this will ensure that the fastening of the carpet is accurate and there are no creases on the floor. having your rv floor repaired is not a big job as long as it is in an open area. if the floor is under a cabinet or a dinette, hiring professionals to do the repair is a better option. open roads forum: travel trailers: very soft floors

rockwood floor isn't luan foam luan. it's 1/4' osb foam luan and cross stapled at the seams. it is possible that extra crossmember could be added underneath for support depending on tank placement etc. if the floor is wet big issue. never easy repairing laminated floor as it's a huge job to replace and any other repair tends to be a patch job.

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how to repair soft floors in an rv travel trailer. drop your new panel into place. it should fit without any horizontal movement in any direction and seat firmly on the 1-inch lips of the four exposed underfloor supports. drill a countersunk pilot hole every 6 inches and secure the ply panel in place using treated exterior decking screws.

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how to fix caravan or rv spongy soft floor / delamination repair start to finish.easy to use and a cheap but good quality repair, the product is permanent and solid once dried and i would highly

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seal the wood with diluted epoxy resin. after this is completed, you can start stirring in the thinning agent. for his repair, doug thinned the epoxy by 50% using the xylene. he used a cheap sprayer to apply the mixture to all the sub-floor surfaces. for this part, you should only need about a quart of resin.

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spray foam under side of travel trailer? my wife has a 2006 jayco fbs 29ft travel trailer and mice / chipmunks have gotten into its under belly insulation layer. it's under floor fiber glass insulation and supporting fabric layer has many 'swiss cheese' holes - before i made their discovery.

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replacing rotted wood flooring in a travel trailer: what you need to know. by eldrina michel. as you can see, you dont need a lot of money or expert help to repair the rotted wood flooring in your rv. if you have a small area that needs to be replaced, simply use the above steps to fix the problem by yourself. happy rving