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composite construction is considerably stiffer and stronger than many other floor systems, so the weight and size of the primary structure can be reduced. consequently, foundation sizes can also be reduced. saving in transport decking is light and is delivered in pre-cut lengths that are tightly packed into bundles.

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'composite steel deck floor slab' is applied to systems in which the steel deck has some mechanical means of providing positive interlocking between the deck and the concrete. an example is shown in fig. 1. * beams shear connectors if present utility outlets fig. 1. typical building floor construction utilizing cold­ formed steel decking with composite support beams.

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you will now define and apply the gravity loads for which the floor's gravity system will be designed. loads must first be defined and then applied to the model. the applied loads on a typical floor consist of surface loads, including tapered snow loads, and line loads. the gravity loads will be defined in the load properties dialog boxes. there are separate dialog boxes for defining surface loads, line loads, point loads and snow loads.

point loads on composite deck-reinforced slabs

the behavior of composite deck-reinforced floor systems under concentrated loads is described. laboratory experiments show that these floor systems may have a considerably larger capacity to support concentrated loads than indicated by existing design techniques. there are two sources of this additional strength.

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the lrfd design criteria, the corrugated composite floor system can carry 40 psf of unfactored uniform loads, limited by the l/480 deflection limit state, at 48 joist spacings.

composite slabs and beams using steel decking: best

the decking may also be designed to act as a large floor diaphragm to redistribute wind loads in the construction stage, and the composite slab can act as a diaphragm in the completed structure.


a long span composite floor system offering performance, improved schedule and cost effectiveness. comslab is a combination of deep steel decking and a concrete cover slab that have cured together and bonded structurally as one element.

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method that was the basis for the sdi cddh2 composite deck design handbook. concentrated and moving loads on composite deck-slabs concentrated loads may be accommodated on composite deck-slabs by designing the concrete to adequately distribute the concentrated load transversely across the deck.

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one of the most economical and widely used floor framing systems is the third-point loading of two in-fill beams on girders which span between columns figure 1 . conventional composite steel-concrete floor framing consists of rather deep steel beams and girders which provide the most cost-effective design in terms of tonnage of structural steel used.

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research has shown that the presence of shear studs for composite beam design influences the moment capacity of the composite deck system. when the number of shear studs present are of sufficient quantity, the composite deck slab can achieve its full ultimate moment capacity. welded wire fabric 1 below top surface of slab is recommended. if welded wire fabric is not used, the superimposed live loads in the following tables should be reduced by 10%.

composite metal deck point load

composite metal deck point load. i have a 4' composite metal deck floor. steel deck is obviously ribbed and thickness is 0.036 inch. for 4 feet span factored load is 637 psf. the wheel of scissor lift exerts 110 psi for 4' x 1.5' area. now 110 psi = 16000 psf per 4 feet = 4000 psf. so deck is not ok.

for the case where the steel deck acts as tensile reinforcement for the composite deck-slab, the steel shall conform to aisi s100, section a2. when the ductility of the steel measured over a two-inch 50 mm gage length is 10% or greater, the maximum design yield stress shall not exceed the lesser of 50 ksi or fy.


a long span composite floor system offering performance, improved schedule and cost effectiveness. comslab is a combination of deep steel decking and a concrete cover slab that have cured together and bonded structurally as one element. this construction technique results in significant cost savings and is ideal for fast track construction; especially in tight working spaces.

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versa-floor systems. versa-floor is a long-span composite floor system that blends steels speed and versatility with concretes performance and durability. versa-floor is designed as structural solution to address your specific building requirements. systems weigh up to 40% less than comparably utilized cast-in-place concrete floors.

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composite floor deck. cordeck composite floor deck is used to create a steel/concrete composite floor in steel frame construction. cordeck offers you a choice of three composite floor deck products with varying spanning and loading capabilities to suit your structural requirements.