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yep prices do vary a lot from contractor to contractor and the cost of machinery is never really taken into account. i think it would be good to put down some prices per item e.g. posting up per m or per post as styles vary a bit but i recon about a £1 per m for putting in timber ,that could also be flexible depending on distance ,then how much for a strut ? £20 for a box £10 for an angle .

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7 or more panels = £40 per panel; we can also dispose of your old fence and concrete footings at a cost of £8 per panel. pricing examples example a. as an example of cost to you for 8 panels of fencing with wooden posts-6ft lap panels (8 x £28.50 = £228) 3 inch posts (9 x £10 = £90) 1.5 concrete bags post mix per post (14 x £6.50 = £91)

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labour plus materials included, the fencing is priced per meter and depending on location and type used, post and gravel boards used. the price starts from larch lap panel at £50-55 per meter and if is close boarded price starts at £60-65 per meter. there may be an extra charge for clearing and dig outs if time consuming.

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